What Are Some Coming Of Age Anime Series

There has never been an ideal time to be an anime lover. As a multi-billion-dollar business that was once a niche, popular culture has transformed into an international phenomenon. Its influence and reach are felt in almost every aspect of modern animation. Today many choices are available to the public, and years of content are available via streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. Stories about coming of age might not be a thing typically associated with anime.

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Coming back to the point, this article will talk about these coming-of-age Anime series that you should watch.

1.     Free

However, Free is a sport-oriented show regarding swimming, it is also a great come-of-age show. If Haru has any knowledge, he enjoys swimming, to the point that he feels that’s the only thing he is concerned about. Haru is close to finishing his last year of high school, and he isn’t sure what he’d like to do in the years beyond. He’s quite private and stays away from the world; however, after a few little nudges from his peers, he gradually understands that swimming is a sport played in teams, regardless of how isolated it might seem. He chooses his next step and departs his home with his closest friend, Mako, and sets out to train as tough as possible.

2.     Kimi Ni Todoke

The charming shojo manga is about an introverted girl who attempts to get out of her shell. Sawako Kuronuma was dubbed by her peers due to her resemblance to the disgusted character from The Ring, which is considered a threat by the majority of people. Still, she doesn’t know how to come out of her shell because of her shyness toward people. A normal young man, Shota Kazehaya treats Sawako as a normal human being. Through his guidance, Sawako can be more open with her feelings and can meet new people, and experience new things.

3.     Silver Spoon

The city boy Hachiken Yuugo decided to alter his path and enroll in Oezo Agricultural High School out in the countryside. He lived in a dorm and learned all about farming and agriculture. He decided to leave the highly competitive race to be successful in the modern classroom and prep schools that focus on tests and class rankings. However, he found farming just as challenging but it is also more rewarding.

4.     Haikyuu!

Another one is Haikyuu!  A different anime that is focused on volleyball. It could be among the most-watched anime of all time. The story centers around two players who played volleyball on their teams at middle school, Tobio Kageyama and Shoyo Hinata. Both players have clashed and declared that they’re rivals, and it becomes somewhat difficult when they end up being part of the same team at high school.

This anime focuses on Kageyama and Hinata making their mark. Kageyama has to learn to become part of a group and not the notorious King of Court while Hinata must work hard to reach his dreams of turning into the new Little Giant.

5.     Fruit Basket

The latest version of Fruit Basket is likely to be among the most popular anime presently airing. The third final season is set to air in the Spring; Fruits Basket is about Tohru Honda, an aspiring high school student entangled with the cursed Soma Familia. Tohru assists all of her new acquaintances with various issues, and as a result, she can learn further about herself and discover things she didn’t know about herself.

In helping the Somas deal with their problems, she solves her issues. The artwork and the story are stunning and give this show about coming-of-age anime 10 out of 10.

6.     Hunter x Hunter

While Killua and Gon continue to be kids throughout the show, the plot centers on their trials and error to learn how to do things correctly to reach their objectives. These best friends have diverse backgrounds, yet they discover how to cooperate and eventually get together very well. They strive to defeat enemies after enemies while remaining committed to their beliefs and discovering the power inside them.

7.   Naruto

With more than 700 episodes of material, the way that Naruto is a story about growing up may have been neglected. Yet, it’s the most appropriate anime for this category. It is an absolute must-see for all. At the show’s beginning, an orphan, Naruto Uzumaki, is ostracized by the rest of the village because of the Fox Demon that lives within him. Naruto makes it his ultimate goal to become Hokage to prove that everyone is that he is not.

The show goes on all through Naruto’s life and shows him, as well as his companions as they grow older. Together, they experience many drastic changes mentally and physically and can become the ninjas they have always desired to become: the result, Naruto, is all about characters pursuing their goals and attempting to realize them.


So here, you have it, some coming of age anime series. If you are interested in watching, these recommendations will help you for sure.