A look at online casino payout rates

Today, we barely even think about consulting our smartphones or computers for information that we know we can access with the press of a few keys. Individuals routinely carry around phones with more processing power than early computers, and the advances in technology have come thick and fast over recent decades.

Computer gaming has been around for as long as computers, with the earliest computer scientists designing the first game, SpaceWar! to use the latest technology as a form of entertainment as well as a useful tool. The game they designed was just the beginning of a trend that would become an international phenomenon.

As computers became more widespread and more and more households were adopting the latest technology, video gaming also gained momentum and fans were demanding more and more games. Accessories became popular, with fans opting to play games using joy-sticks as well as simpler keyboard controls, creating an industry that serviced an increasing number of players.

When the internet began to proliferate and access became more widespread, the gaming industry saw an opportunity to design games that could be played across a network. Games were becoming a part of technology to the extent that the new generation of mobile phones included simple games and more and more choices were available on home computers and consoles.

Casinos go online

Traditional brick and mortar casinos had always been ahead of the curve when it came to adopting new technology. Video poker had already proved a popular choice with casino goers, and it demonstrated that the random nature of casino games was perfect for digitisation, including games such as:

  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Slots

More and more casino favourites were turned into casino games as designers and developers realised the potential and created themed versions of the most popular choices. As smartphones became more popular and consoles evolved, online gaming went from being a relatively niche pastime to a multi-billion dollar global industry.

Games that had been played in the same way for hundreds of years were suddenly given a new lease of life, and online casinos were able to offer a wide choice of options. Players were able to download gaming apps to play from wherever they happened to be, and developers came up with new ways to incorporate the latest technology into their games.

Online gaming became a multi-billion dollar business with a global reach that generated significant revenue that could be used to make games even more engaging and appealing to players. While some games were all about the intricate stories and narratives that were woven into them, casino games maintained their appeal as a way to have fun and potentially win big.

Casino payouts

One of the best things about playing casino games online is the ability to find exactly the kinds of games you want. For some, this means themed games or familiar favourites, while others focus on those that feature particular minigames or in-game bonuses.

Players can also choose their preferred games based on their personal playing style: some people like to win frequently, and would rather have regular payouts of smaller amounts, whereas others like to build up to a big jackpot and be in with a chance of winning a larger prize.

Casino games have an in-built advantage that favours the house, but players that understand how this works can use this to their advantage. The degree to which a game is likely to pay out is known as the ‘Return to Player’ percentage or RTP.

The probability of winning real-life games is relatively random (and usually based on the physics of dice rolling or wheels spinning), and this is replicated with online casinos using random number generators to ensure that players do have a real chance of winning any given game. 

Unlike land-based casinos where you may struggle to find the exact kind of game you are looking for, online casinos offer the chance to search by a range of different factors, including the payouts. For those that prioritise games like this, here are some with fast payouts:

Welcome bonuses – these are offered to players creating new accounts on casino sites and are often paid out immediately to ensure that new players get the chance to try their hand at a variety of new games.

First Deposit bonuses – these are added to players’ accounts when they make their initial deposit, allowing them to boost their own cash reserves to play for longer.

No deposit bonuses – these bonuses are paid to players without them having to add their own funds to their accounts. Players will usually have to use these bonuses before withdrawing them, so finding games with a high RTP will offer the best chance of keeping as much of the bonus as possible.

Referral bonuses – players that enjoy using a particular site are likely to recommend them to friends and family, so many sites offer bonuses to players that encourage other players to join. These may be paid when a new player signs up, plays their first game, or makes a deposit, so the speed at which the payout is made can vary.

Bonuses can vary significantly from one game to another and in between sites, as do the conditions attached to them. Players that want to make the most of the various payout rates  available should check the conditions of each option before using them to ensure that they are able to use them in the most effective way.