How Much Does a License for Crypto Gambling Cost?

Talk to GBO’s experts if you are looking to launch an online gambling site or add the ability to allow customers to transact in crypto to an existing online casino.We have more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of corporate services. We are keeping up with the development of crypto.

It is vital that any online gambling site offers its users the option to deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrency, as cryptocurrency transactions are becoming more popular and accepted worldwide. Casinochan Australia ways to introduce cryptocurrency facilities to an online gaming operation.

What makes Cryptocurrency a good business idea?

The unique advantages of cryptocurrencies make them attractive for online gambling. They are well-suited for online transactions because they were created as digital currencies. You can use them for online gaming by adding encryption.

An online casino that accepts transactions in cryptocurrency will increase your appeal to people all over the world. This is because it allows you to operate in countries and states that ban or regulate gambling. Because authorities don’t have the ability to track movement or discover ownership of cryptocurrency, this is where cryptocurrencies really shine.

  1. Crypto Casino License Fees

Many jurisdictions allow cryptocurrency casinos to operate legally without the need for a license. Remember that players are just as cautious about unlicensed operators as they are with standard online casinos. Because there is very little supervision in unlicensed jurisdictions, the risk is even greater. The casino operators and customers who have made deposits in cryptocurrencies can vanish overnight. These transactions are untraceable, unrecoverable, and impossible to trace.

  1. Curacao

Curacao enjoys a great reputation due to the high-quality legislation that allows online gambling and control over the operations. Gamblers can be confident that their gambling activities will remain private, secure, and fair. The most popular table gambling games include roulette, poker blackjack, baccarat, and craps.

Only Curacao-based companies can apply for the Curacao Gaming License. A sub-license for crypto gaming costs around EUR30,000. This is a one-off payment to a Master License holder. The monthly fee for the first two years is EUR5,000. The Master License holder can negotiate the fees.

Curacao does not levy any tax on gross gaming revenues, which is a significant advantage for casino operators. This is in contrast to other countries that can impose taxes on gaming revenue as high as 35%.

  1. Malta

The Malta Gaming Authority issues licenses that allow both crypto and fiat gaming. The basic license is priced at EUR17,500 upfront, with a sliding rate based upon the revenue that can reach EUR750,000. Malta gaming corporations must also pay 35% corporate tax on their profits.

Why should you apply for a license with us?

In the 12 years that we have been in the gaming consultancy industry, hundreds of clients have received Curacao casino licenses.

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Bitcoin Online Casino Licensing requirements

The most well-known and accepted cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. It is the standard for all cryptocurrencies. There are no restrictions on using Bitcoin as a means of transferring funds into or out of casino accounts. It is not illegal or prohibited for online casino transactions and plays. Bitcoin is not considered a currency in most countries.

Bitcoin Online Casino Licensing

Bitcoin is the most widely used and well-recognized medium for trading in crypto. It can make good business sense to allow new crypto-gambling investors to begin with one offering of gambling at a licensed Bitcoin casino.

Many countries don’t recognize Bitcoin as a currency. However, licensing a bitcoin-friendly casino can be done in the same way as regular casinos. GBO offers turnkey packages that include everything you need to open a casino in Curacao or Malta. It has been occurring for nearly 15 years. Let us handle the details and you will be up and running within a matter of weeks.