How To Deal with Golfing Weather Delays

The weather delay on the golf course is simply part and parcel of the game, be it for fog, lightning, frost, or heavy rain. Most course rules will have you heading back to the clubhouse or at least of the fairway until an improvement or preferable change in weather. As a frequent player, you would thus be well advised to have a number of ideas for what to do when the weather has you twirling thumbs and waiting to play again.

Practice your swing

You don’t need to have the driver in your hand or hit the golf ball to practice your golf swing. You also don’t need a great deal of space, and some of the best advice online suggests that you simply visualize the swing to start without the need for any physical movement at all. So, if the weather turns bad and you are caught up in the clubhouse, simply find a space and practice your swing. Start off in your mind and then progress to the movements without club or ball. It’s a wonderful way to loosen up and also link the mental and physical aspects of your golf swing.

Clean your gear

Yes, it sounds a bit of a chore, but there’s no better time than when the weather is and, to just settle done somewhere and clean your golfing gear. So, ensure that you keep the cloths, multipurpose cleaner, and dubbin in the bag somewhere. Clean the clubs, your golf shoes, clean studs, and cleats, and clean the bag itself.

Play your online casino games

Get your mind off the golf game and play some online games. The most popular of these among other golfers are the online casino variety. Places like offer a wonderful example of the variety available online casino games that will make any severe weather a welcome break. From simple slots and three card table games to live casino games and hosted roulette, baccarat, and much, much more. Ensure that you’ve downloaded the mobile version or app, and then just settle in and relax at the casino till the weather clears.

Remain calm and prepare to Toff again

A bit of meditation or mindfulness won’t hurt, and you don’t have to sit on the floor cross-legged. Simply repeat a mantra (‘I am a calm soul,’ ‘I am relaxed or something similar’) wherever you are and find a calming way to just attempt to empty the mind and forget about the game for a while. This sense of Zen will prepare you for the next Toff and likely steady your game.

These are four simple strategies that any golfer can prepare and plan for to ensure that when the weather turns nasty, and the odds are that it will, then you won’t be left sitting in the clubhouse enduring bad banter and even worse golfing jokes. Instead, see the dangerous weather break as an opportunity to rest, recoup and get out there an improved, much more positive player.