How do you worship Ganesha?

How do you worship Ganesha?

Ganesha particularly likes garlands made of erukku flowers, a flower native to India. Chant one of Ganesha’s mantras. Chanting a mantra will help bring you closer to Ganesha as he will bestow his blessings upon you. As a result, repeating mantras will bring you closer to your goals in life.

How do I connect with Lord Ganesha?

Make sure to: Approach him in a relaxed manor. Speak to him in his right ear. Be assured of the personal connection between you and Lord Ganesha….You’ll want to do this in a relaxed state, so make sure to:

  1. Relax yourself and put other thoughts out of your head.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Think about the image of Lord Ganesha.

What can we learn from Lord Ganesha?

5 life lessons you can learn from Lord Ganesha

  • Duty is above all else.
  • Nobody is more important than one’s parents.
  • Forgiveness is the ultimate virtue.
  • You should finish every task you take up.
  • Always stand up for your self-respect.

Is standing Ganesha good for home?

#2: Posture of the idol is symbolic For worshipping within the walls of your home, an idol of Ganesha in sitting position, also known as the lalitasana, is considered ideal. Vastu experts say that the sitting Ganesha represents a calm and composed demeanor and encourages a peaceful environment at home.

Who are parents of Lord Vishnu?

Shiva replied that Brahma is his father. Then the saint went on to ask him who is his grandfather… Shiva replied that Vishnu is his grandfather. Then the saint further went on to ask him who is his great grandfather.

Who is first god Shiva or Vishnu?

This scepticism is found in Upanishads too, although many attempts are made. Later, in Tantras, we are told that matter came first as the Goddess, and from her came the mind, taking three male forms: Brahma, the priest; Vishnu, the king; Shiva, the ascetic.