How do you use city state in a sentence?

How do you use city state in a sentence?

City-state sentence example

  1. Greek culture had been the product of the city-state, and Hellenism could not be dissevered from the city.
  2. (I) By the end of the regal period Rome had ceased to be a mere agricultural community and had developed into a city-state.
  3. Warde Fowler, The City-State, ch.

What is a sentence for Tigris River?

1. Bell swam in the Tigris River and often started her morning with a horseback ride through the city. 2. The pipeline runs beneath the Tigris River and allows oil to flow north for easy export from Kirkuk, Iraq, or southward for refining.

What is a sentence for ziggurat?

Ziggurat sentence example In the west corner stood a temple, with a stagetower ( ziggurat ) adjoining. The approach to this ziggurat was toward the north-east, and on this side lay also the principal rooms of the temple of which this was the tower.

How do you use Tigris in a sentence?

Tigris sentence example

  1. The course of the Tigris is much shorter than that of the Euphrates, about 1150 m.
  2. At Bagdad the Tigris and Euphrates are less than 35 m.

How do you use Euphrates in a sentence?

Euphrates sentence example

  1. The two sources together drain the region south as the Euphrates drains the region north of the Taurus mountains.
  2. Water traffic on the Euphrates and canals was early very considerable.
  3. The course of the Tigris is much shorter than that of the Euphrates , about 1150 m.

How do you use irrigation in a sentence?

Irrigation in a Sentence ?

  1. With our new irrigation system, we will be able to make plants thrive even in dry terrains.
  2. Jim spent two years in the Peace Corps explaining irrigation techniques to poor farmers in third-world nations.

What is the meaning of Nile River?

The word “Nile” comes from Greek Neilos (ὁ Νεῖλος). Neilos came from the word “river valley”. In the ancient Egyptian language, the Nile is called Ḥ’pī or iteru, meaning “great river”, represented by the hieroglyphs shown above (literally itrw, and ‘waters’ determinative).

What is an example of Pharaoh?

The definition of a Pharaoh was the king in ancient Egypt. An Ancient Egyptian King such as King Tut is an example of the Pharaoh.

What is a synonym for Pharaoh?

Synonyms. Pharaoh ruler swayer Khufu Cheops.