Why did Ram Ji kill the deer?

Why did Ram Ji kill the deer?

From Valmiki Ramayana, tell us that Lord Rama lived a sage during his exile. Sita found the deer attractive, Rama wanted to bring that deer to Sita, however whilst chasing the deer he suspected that it is a Mayavi Asura, hence he killed that golden deer.

Who killed deer in Ramayana?


Under which tree was Sita found sitting when Hanuman first saw her?

On reaching Ravana’s kingdom, Hanuman started searching for Sita. Finally after hours of desperately looking for the divine lady, Hanuman found her sitting under a tree at Ashoka Vatika.

Who gave choodamani to Sita?

Hanuman, of course, is the hero of Sundarakandam. Hanuman handing over Rama’s ring to Sita, choodamani to Rama and Lanka dahanam are some of the scenes dealt with. It will end with the building of the bridge and marching of troops towards Sri Lanka. ‚ÄúTogether the two kandams have been called ‘Parishvanga Pattabishekam.

How long Sita Mata stayed in Lanka?

11 months and 14 days

Which tree did Hanuman speaks to Sita?

In Ashok Vatika, Hanuman hides in the branches of the tree under which Sita is seated. Ravan arrives and tries his best to coax Sita to accept him.

What was the real name of Sita?

Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala

Which tree did Sita sit under?

shimshapa tree

Why did Rama not want to kill Tataka?

Rama was hesitant as killing a women is not dharma. Sanatana dharma always teaches protecting women and kids. Though personally Rama doesn’t want to kill Tataka, as a king it is his duty to kill her as she is a threat to his people.

Why did Rama kill Subahu?

Maricha refused and tried to presaude Ravana to not do such a dreadful task but Ravana insisted and threatened to kill him. Maricha eventually decided to be killed by Rama since it was honourable to die at the hands of God rather than Ravana. He was eventually killed by Rama when he took the form deer.

Who is Subahu son?

Ravana’s mighty son, Meghnadh, was invincible. Only a man who had not slept for 14 years could defeat him. Thus Lakshman was able to kill him, all thanks to Urmila.