Who plays Dragon Lady?

Who plays Dragon Lady?

Pia Merete Tjelta

Who plays the slaves in Norsemen?

Liv toils as a Norheim slave with her husband Arnstein and three children. Hildur catches Orm in a secret tunnel beneath the toilet.

Who plays Olaf in Norsemen?

They include Ragnar (Cornel Wilde) and Olaf (Jimmy Clem), whose tongue was cut out during a raid on the African coast. The man who cut out Olaf’s tongue has also joined them, so they have a black Viking called Thrall (played by US football player Deacon Jones, who gets just one line).

Is Norsemen in English?


What genre is Norsemen?


Who wrote Norsemen?

Jon Iver Helgaker

How tall is Silje Torp?

1.78 m

How popular is Norsemen?

In just 28 days, the Norsemen campaign reached 5.5 million Facebook users, generating 2 million video views and some 6,000 followers for the show.

Is Norseman a parody of Game of Thrones?

A Norwegian comedy charm offensive with killer performances and amazing plaits. Why you’ll love it: Norsemen owes as much to Monty Python as it does to Asterix and Game of Thrones. The comedy comes from the juxtaposition of their ancient, brutal struggle for survival and the minor concerns we all obsess over nowadays.

What is the Norseman Netflix?

In 790 AD, the Vikings of Norheim have a hectic schedule that includes pillaging, plundering, enslaving others and solving problems with violence. Watch all you want.

How many episodes of Norsemen are there?


Is Norsemen a satire?

Knowing his satire ‘Norsemen’ would get lost in a glut of programming, Anders ? Tangen launched his own ambitious — and successful — marketing campaign. When producer Anders Tangen sold Norsemen to Netflix in 2017, he knew he had a winner.

Is Norsemen on Netflix a spoof?

Set in 790 A.D. in the settlement of Norheim, Norsemen is a spoof on ancient Viking life with a twist: the characters may look the part of ruthless pillagers, but the plot involves thoroughly modern problems. In 2017, The New York Times put Norsemen on its top 10 list of best international TV series.

Who can join Sons of Norway?

Daughters, sons and friends of Norway are welcome to join. Norwegian ancestry is not required. Members have enjoyed celebrating the heritage, culture and caring values of Norway though Sons of Norway membership for 125 years.