What is IcedID?

What is IcedID?

IcedID, also known as BokBot, is a modular banking trojan that targets user financial information and is capable of acting as a dropper for other malware. It uses a man-in-the-browser attack to steal financial information, including login credentials for online banking sessions.

What is qakbot?

QAKBOT, also known as QBOT, is a banking Trojan that had been discovered in 2007. Its main purpose is to steal banking credentials and other financial information.

How do I stop qakbot?

Steps to mitigate Qakbot and Emotet

  1. Cut off Internet access or disconnect the affected machines from the network until they have been cleaned.
  2. Stop sharing folders that show signs of infection or set shared folders to read-only.
  3. Practice credential hygiene.

What is QBOT Trojan?

Qbot (also known as Qakbot, Quakbot, and Pinkslipbot) is a Windows banking trojan with worm features active since at least 2009 and used to steal banking credentials, personal information, and financial data.

Who invented TrickBot?

TrickBot malware—first identified in 2016—is a Trojan developed and operated by a sophisticated group of cybercrime actors. The cybercrime group initially designed TrickBot as a banking trojan to steal financial data.

What sites is TrickBot targeting?

Some of the other targets were especially interesting to me. (updated URL: Pastebin removed the first one, trying again.)…

53.com bmo.com
citizensbankonline.com firelandsfcu.org
iccu.com nbarizona.com
regions.com vancity.com

What is Emotet and TrickBot?

Fast forward to 2018—new versions of the Emotet Trojan include the ability to install other malware to infected machines. This malware may include other Trojans and ransomware. Once infected, Emotet downloaded another banking Trojan known as TrickBot and the Ryuk ransomware.