What does Keo mean in Khmer?

What does Keo mean in Khmer?

Keo is a Khmer name for babies meaning superior, extraordinary, precious, exquisite, delicate, special, uncommon. Read below for Keo’s celebrity and ruler associations, and numerological meanings. If Keo is the one, congratulations!

What kind of last name is Keo?

Surname. Keo is a Khmer surname (កែវ) and a surname in other cultures. People with this surname include: Keo Meas (1926–1976), Cambodian communist politician.

Is Keo a Japanese name?

Between 1880 and 2019 there were 428 births of Keo in the countries below, which represents an average of 3 births of children bearing the first name Keo per year on average throughout this period….Keo in Japanese. *

Romaji keo
Hiragana けお
* This is a phonetic conversion, not a translation.
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What does Keo mean in Korean?

커 • (keo) Infinitive form of 크다 (keuda, “to be big”)

What is Keopi?

커피 • (keopi) coffee, especially the beverage.

What’s Keo?

KEO is the name of a proposed space time capsule which was to have been launched in 2003 carrying messages from the citizens of present Earth to humanity 50,000 years from now, when it would re-enter Earth’s atmosphere. …

What is the meaning Leo?

History and Etymology for Leo Noun. Latin (genitive Leonis), literally, lion — more at lion.

Is Leo a good name?

Leo the Great. In Germanic languages, Leo has historically been used as a nickname for names including Leon and Leopold. Leo is a strong-yet-friendly name that was common among the Romans, used for thirteen popes, and is now on the upswing partly thanks to Leonardo “Leo” DiCaprio.

Which color is lucky for Leo?

Lucky colours for Leo (Born between 23rd July and 21 August) Leo natives can choose orange, gold, and red lavishly in 2021 for success and attract the best results in everything. Sun is your ruling planet, and hence these colours associated with sun, light, and fire can bring you highly favourable results.