What does it mean on indeed when it says many applicants?

What does it mean on indeed when it says many applicants?

Plus, Indeed is not the only place that employers post jobs, so when you see the ‘Many Applicants’ notification, your chance of getting an interview is like 1 in a thousand or worse. Just gotta keep applying….or start your own business. –

How do I reapply on indeed?

If you need to reapply to a job that allows you to apply directly through Indeed, you can do so by logging out of your account and applying to the job again without being logged in.

Can you apply twice on indeed?

To reapply or withdraw from a job: It is not currently possible to edit your application or reapply to a job on Indeed.

Can you take back an application on indeed?

Applications submitted through Indeed are sent to the employer. Indeed does not allow users to withdraw or alter applications that have already been submitted, unless an employer specifically provides the option to do so.

Can you apply for a job on Indeed without an account?

You must be logged in to your Indeed account when you apply for our system to automatically put the job in the Applied Jobs tab. If you were not logged in at the time, or if you were brought to the employer’s site to apply, then the job listing would not automatically save.