What do elephant symbolize?

What do elephant symbolize?

Elephants are revered as a symbol of good luck, prosperity, destroyer of evil, remover of obstacles, as well as strength, power, wisdom, memory, and vitality.

What are elephants a symbol of in India?

Elephants: A traditional symbol of divinity and royalty For centuries, India has regarded the majestic royal beast, the elephant, as its cultural symbol. The highly revered Hindu God, Lord Ganesha, is said to be a remover of obstacles and a provider of fortune and good luck.

Are elephants bad luck?

Contrary to popular belief, an elephant trunk in the downward direction, does not mean bad luck. Similarly, as per Vastu, elephant statues with their trunks facing upwards are considered to be very lucky and bring good fortune to the family.

What do elephant dreams mean?

Elephants show up in dreams as a symbol of power, wisdom, facing obstacles, luck, stability, and social connections. Dreaming of an elephant often brings up big issues in life that you cannot ignore. These issues may be overwhelming you, or they may be big life decisions that can determine your future.

What does a black elephant symbolize?

Think of a black elephant as a large obstacle in the path of your life. Dreaming of these elephants is an indication that you will have to go through a lot of difficulties soon.

Is it good if elephant comes in dream?

Seeing an elephant in your dream may be a reminder to be patient and strong through a difficult situation. Enormous Problems: To be frightened by an elephant or to see an elephant blocking your path in a dream, symbolizes that you have a problem or obstacle you feel to be enormous in your life.

What if angry elephant comes in dream?

An elephant represents power, faithfulness, innocence, strength, influence and also anger. If you dream of being chased by an angry elephant, it indicates problems with your boss or superiors. If you dream of a smiling or happy elephant, you are going to prosper in your current task.