Top 7 Tips for Successful Bisexual Hookups in 2022

Are you a single who gravitates towards bisexual partners? Perhaps you’ve felt a little isolated compared to friends who have less nuanced tastes? But while you might think the opportunities for meeting bisexuals are considerably lower than those available for cis individuals, or those who are outwardly gay or lesbian, there are many places where you can meet in 2022.

Try dating sites to boost your chances

One issue with going out to find bisexual singles is they’re not always so obvious to identify. Anyone seeking a straight partner can hang around in a variety of socializing outlets; those searching for gays or lesbians can check out bars or clubs known to be popular within those respective scenes. But bisexuals are more difficult to come across. Good opportunities to meet bisexual women near me would be presented by online dating outlets. If you’re at all shy or awkward about the thought of flirting with strangers, you’ll find these services conducive to open and candid interaction. There will be friendly chat rooms where you can introduce yourself as someone who is bi-curious. Group discussions will help you get into the flow of amiable conversations. You’ll find it easy to strike up a rapport with a diverse range of bi girls in this relaxing environment.

Be ready to make the first move

There’s an adage that states, ‘the best things come to those that wait.’ But another equally pertinent one is, ‘he (or she) who hesitates is lost!’ So a good tip for arranging a bisexual hookup is to approach this with a positive frame of mind. Cast doubts to one side and be prepared to seize any chances. Bisexuals are just the same as any other singles – they’ll appreciate the direct approach. Remember, showing confidence can be an aphrodisiac!

Show your interest to both males and females

What you have to understand about bisexuals is the issue of gender fluidity. Every bi person you encounter will have specific tastes. Some will gravitate mostly to guys; others to females. So be ready to think along those lines and leave yourself open to options. You might intuitively be drawn to one gender, but an important part of bi-curious singles dating is that curiosity angle. Your love life should be about new experiences.

Don’t let possible biphobia discourage you

Society, in general, has become so much more accepting of the ‘B’ aspect of the LGBTQ community. But this is far from a universal sentiment. There will be individuals who harbor prejudices towards those who identify as bisexual, usually through ignorance of the facts. The trouble with biphobia is that it can compel some bisexuals to keep their true feelings under wraps, making it harder for those looking for bi hookups.

Be honest about your intentions

It’s a fact about any spectrum of dating that honesty is the best policy. Whether you’re flirting with someone you fancy in an offline setting, or you’re exchanging messages via social media or a bi-friendly dating service, never be tempted to exaggerate your achievements. Whatever stories you might make up to impress a prospective partner will have a habit of coming back to bite you. And what happens when the truth is eventually revealed as you get to know each other better? The bisexual you’re trying so desperately to get to like you will consider you untrustworthy.

Be sure to groom yourself every day

You’ll have a much better chance of connecting with an interesting bisexual if you look your best. So make sure you wear comfortable and stylish clothes and ensure that your facial appearance is tip-top. Pay attention to your daily grooming regime, and be kind to your skin!

Don’t forget to carry protection with you

Singles dating has the potential to introduce you to everyone, from bisexual women looking for flings to the possibility of connecting with your soulmate. But until you bond with someone, you’ll be in a situation where you couldn’t possibly know everything about a partner’s background. Or sexual history. Unprotected sex can allow sexually-transmitted infections like chlamydia, genital warts, and herpes to spread. So always exercise caution when hooking up. You might assume that carrying protection sends signals that you’re expecting sex. No. The message would be that you were assuming the position that if sex did occur, you wanted it to be as enjoyable and healthy an experience for you both.

There are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding people who give their sexual orientation as bisexual. A common assumption is they must be promiscuous. As we’ve illustrated, the reality of the situation is so different from any stereotypes. So take our magnificent seven tips on board – they’ll fill you with the conviction to arrange bisexual hookups.