Is Noctua better than Corsair?

Is Noctua better than Corsair?

The Corsair ML120 is slightly louder than the Noctua NF-P12 redux at speeds above 1300 rpm. RPM range: ML120 = 400-2400, NF-P12 redux = 450-1700. The main advantage that the Corsair ML120 has over the Noctua is that it can run 700 rpm faster.

Is Corsair h100i good for i9 10900k?

Of course it will. If you are going to overclock the balls of it then perhaps not but stock it wont be an issue at all.

Is there anything better than Noctua NH D15?

The Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S is also an excellent cooler that is just 2 Celsius warmer than the Kraken X61 but it’s about 12 dBA louder than the NH-D15. You can always replace the stock fans with two Noctua 120mm fans since the stock fans get rather loud at max settings.

Is Noctua better than AIO?

Under load, the NH-U12A is significantly quieter than any of the AIO coolers used in this test. The Thermaltake TH240 and Corsair H150i Pro were much louder than the NH-U12A but bearable if inside of a case….Noise Level Results.

CPU Cooler Idle Noise Level
Coolers Idle
NZXT Kraken X63 34 dBA

Is the H100i good for overclocking?

But yes the H100i V2 is good for overclocking.

Is Water cooling CPU worth it?

According to Mark Gallina, liquid cooling more “efficiently distributes heat over more convection surface area (radiator) than pure conduction, allowing for reduced fan speeds (better acoustics) or higher total power.” In other words, it’s more efficient, and often quieter.

Will Noctua Make an AIO?

The noctua will beat any 120mm AIO, and is on par with most 240mm AIOs depending on the exact model.

Is Noctua D15 overkill?

Both a D15 or AIO are overkill in the real world (e.g. not running prime95 w/ small AVX ffts all day).

Is the Noctua NH D15 good for overclocking?

NH-D15: our flagship model, providing the best possible performance for overclocking and silent-enthusiasts. NH-U12S: excellent quiet cooling performance for up to 165W TDP and moderate overclocking, 100% RAM compatibility and 100% PCIe compatibility on ATX and µATX size motherboards.

Should I get the Noctua nh-d15 or X61?

The NH-D15 holds it’s own against 280mm rads like the x61 and even the 280l, BUT if you have high heatsink ram – there’s compatability issues with the D15, but the D15 doesn’t have a pump, so it won’t fail in 2-3 years and most Noctua fans have a lifespan upward of 6/8 years. I say get the D15, amazing performance, silent, runs crisp and cool.

Is nhnh-d15 compatible with h100i?

NH-D15 = H100i in terms of case/components compatibility (H100i slightly wins this one) did I forgot something? True, thats what I meant by compatibility with case/components. You cant throw radiator anywhere also you cant throw dual tower cooler with 140mm fans anywhere. performance should be similar right?

Should I upgrade the fans on my h100i?

You will eventualy want to swap the fans out from the h100i, but then you will sacrafice temps because the inefficient h100i needs those loud fast fans. The only decent clc with noise to cooling ratio is the recent coolermaster 240, but still get’s beaten by the nh-d15 on temps and noise.