Important Do’s to Woo a Mature Woman

Dating mature women is a common desire among younger men, but most never get a chance to fulfill their fantasies. They stick to imagining what they would say to ladies they meet or just linger on dating sites without sending any messages.

But there’s no need to suffer like that when many mature women seek younger men. It’s important to know how to present yourself in the best light (from their POV). This article will show 5 things every younger guy must remember if he wants to impress mature ladies. And no, looks aren’t the only factor. Far from it.


Be Assertive in Your Actions

Younger guys are afraid of hot mature ladies because they see only their beauty. They idealize older women, making them freeze on chat, in person, or in bed. But women are human, no matter how attractive they are. They still have insecurities, needs, desires… On top of that, mature women know what they want. And most of them already dealt with immature guys who don’t know what they want or how to get it.

Being assertive is the first thing you have to do to seduce mature women. They’re tired of guys who get triggered by small stuff or can’t make up their minds about anything. Guys who show solid character and determination have more success with the ladies.

Women recognize that trait while talking to men, chatting online, or observing men interact with each other. That’s why it’s crucial to be assertive on the site for mature women dating when looking for hookups. Taking over the initiative can lead to many dates because all the ladies there want the same as men. Why would they join a hookup site if they don’t desire casual dates? If you’ve tried to get hookups online and faced disappointment, it might be because you didn’t show the quality ladies wanted. Don’t believe things you see in adult videos. Most mature ladies don’t want boys; they want men. And men aren’t needy, aggressive, or jealous. That leads us to the second piece of the puzzle for seducing older ladies.


Stay Away From Jealousy

We promised you 5 do’s to woo mature women, but this one is more a DON’T than a DO. Anyway, the message is clear – don’t be an insecure, jealous guy if you want to have anything with older ladies. If you start chatting online, or you go on one date, or even if you hook up, don’t start thinking that you’re her whole world. Even if you become exclusive, don’t be the guy who spends every minute checking the Instagram activity of his girlfriend.

That might be attractive to some insecure girls because it feeds their egos. But most mature women engaging in casual relationships don’t have self-esteem issues. Jealousy might show them that you want them, but it has to stay a spark, not become a blazing flame. Men who start a fight over every word their (potential) partners exchange with other single people rarely get first dates. And they almost never get second dates.


Be Generous With Compliments

This is the tricky one. Everybody knows that giving compliments is important while flirting, but it’s easy to overdo it. And rules change if you’re talking in person and online. You can give more compliments in person than online, even though most people think it’s the other way around.

When you start throwing compliments in chat on a dating site, ladies might see that as a sign of desperation, like going around and throwing hooks everywhere just to get some action. That’s why using the right amount of compliments is crucial. And don’t always compliment their looks. Attractive women know how stunning they are. They’ve heard it 10000 times. If you’re going to compliment their bodies, compliment things other men don’t see. Look at their necks, their back, their shoulder blades. Female bodies are beautiful. Show mature ladies that you know how to cherish them by picking the right compliments, and you can expect more dates than ever.

We don’t want anyone to think that it’s ok to throw a bunch of compliments on a lady if you’re talking in person. But it’s possible to squeeze them into the conversation more often because it’s simpler to read body language in person than through video chat.


Forget the Drama

Mature women love assertive men who don’t create drama wherever they go. That kind of attention isn’t their thing. Of course, some older women love impulsive, dramatic men because they make them feel young again. However, those usually aren’t ladies most younger guys dream of. It’s always better to avoid unnecessary drama. Don’t fight with every guy who looks at your lady (remember the jealousy part). Also, don’t lose your cool over every tiny problem. No one finds that hot, especially hot mature women.