How to see someone’s activity on Instagram

Nowadays people are often involved in social applications for spending their spare time. People mostly use several types of social applications like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and WhatsApp as well. But during the recent times as the modernization and the trend of posting daily life activities are increasing people use Instagram more.

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Instagram is an ideal social media application that allows the users to share their pictures, videos and update their time-to-time activities as Instagram stories as well. The Instagram app till now has had many updates. This includes the additions and removal of most of the updates.

There are still several ways by which you can keep a check on someone’s activity on Instagram. Therefore, today we will discuss more ways and tips for how to see someone’s activity on Instagram.

How to see someone’s activity on Instagram?

Instagram is an insanely popular application especially, among youngsters. Instagram allows several options that can be used to keep the track of what other people are doing. But unfortunately, such options are now not available on the latest version of the Instagram application.

It is widely known that the Instagram application is self-updating. By this, it means that the Instagram application gets updated usually or most of the time, and several new options are added and removed from the application as well. The Instagram updates help the users and Instagram audience to stay updated with the latest technology and the new options as well.

Other than various types or kinds of updates the Instagram also have updates that make sure to allow the users to get the maximum profit as well. Several Instagram-based businesses are now the basic and authentic source of income and an ideal way of earning most of the profit. Making out a business by using the Instagram application is not something very difficult.

Instead, you need to just use the basic and popular business categories among the audience or the potential customers as well. The option of viewing or keeping a check on the Instagram activity of the users has now been eliminated. But still, there are ways by which you can keep a check on someone’s activity.

Why did Instagram remove the activity check?

There are several reasons due to which Instagram removed the option of checking someone’s activity. Among several options, the main reason to omit the Instagram activity feature is due to the privacy option. The privacy option was the foremost factor to remove such feature because of the rising misunderstandings and confliction among the users.

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By using the Instagram activity check people used to know what the other person is up to or what they can expect in the next few months. In the past few years, the Instagram application has received many reports and other notices as well. Hence, due to security concerns, Instagram removed the activity check option after the new update of the Instagram application.

How to see someone’s activity on Instagram?

Although, Instagram has removed such options that allow the checking of the user’s activity still there are ways to do so. People often get confused between the various ways hence, some of the popular and effective ways to see someone’s activity on Instagram are mentioned below.

  • Check most recent posts 

The basic step to see someone’s activity on Instagram is to visit their profile user ID. To check the recent posts on their activity means that they do get online more often and are still engaging with their followers. The recent posts on their profile also tell the people their location and what they are currently doing.

Therefore, if you want to get a good idea of the user’s activity then do not forget to check their most recent posts.

  • Check their online status 

The other most effective way to check their recent Instagram activity is to view when they get online. By noting down their online and offline activity you can easily know their active hours that are spent on Instagram. A lot of people have found this way to be very ideal and effective in terms of keeping a check on someone’s Instagram activity.

  • Check who they have recently followed 

Yet another way to determine and keep a check on someone’s Instagram activity is to check who they have followed most recently. The recent following of the users can tell who they contact and whose pictures they like and share.

  • Using apps for keeping a check on user’s activity 

Several apps also help to check the user’s Instagram activity as well. The apps can range from the functions they perform that depends on several factors.

Therefore, use the apps wisely to keep the security and privacy of your profile intact.

The use of various applications for user’s activity on Instagram

Apart from various ways one way to keep a check on other user’s activity is to use the Instagram checking applications. Such applications come differently and have various kinds of tools as well. The application for viewing the Instagram activity can be either fake and fraud as well.

Therefore, it is important to only rely on the applications that are trusted and guaranteed. The other reason to use the applications is that they give the results instantly. Even though such applications can be expensive and can cost you a lot. But still, there are some kinds of applications that only take one-time fees during the subscription.

Such applications can be affordable and can give the best or desired results. The effective apps are also safe and have a much higher security control as well. So, do not be worried until the app itself has bad user reviews. If somehow you read any such reviews then do not use those applications since they can be harmful for your personal data.


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