How to Add a Summer Mood to the Interior: Top 5 Hacks

In summer, you want to remove everything unnecessary, open the windows and enjoy the sunny atmosphere. Here are five more simple ways to add the appropriate mood to your surroundings.


Of course, it’s cool to hang a hammock in nature, stretch it between two trees and enjoy the chirping of birds overhead, but you can also organize a hanging place for relaxation (and at the same time transform the space) at home: you only need secure anchors in the walls or ceiling or special support. Then all you need to do is make sure the construction is safe and load-bearing – and enjoy your daytime respite or evening relaxation. It will become a wonderful place for having a nap, playing at, or reading books, regardless of the daytime.

Wildflowers and Herbs

Floral decor has become an important interior trend. And if you are already used to decorating the house with fresh flowers, it’s time to shift accents a little: instead of your favorite flower shop, go to a forest park, out of town or even to the nearest vacant lot, collect wildflowers, beautiful branches, and openwork leaves, make green compositions of them and arrange them around the house.

Blue and White Textiles

The blue and white stripes are strongly associated with the sea, and home textiles in these colors are associated with the summer on the Mediterranean coast. So even if the nearest sea is a few thousand miles away, a cotton bedspread or a striped tablecloth will make the interior feel a little closer to the warm beach.

Shades of Ice Cream

It’s hard to imagine summer without ice cream, both as a dessert and as a coloristic reference for the interior. Creamy, fruity and berry shades (here everyone chooses for his taste) can be added by bedding, dishes, posters, vases and any other decorative objects or even trendy shaped furniture in summer colors – like a fancy pouf or a mirror in a wide wavy frame.

Garland With Large Bulbs

If numerous small white or colored lights are firmly associated with winter holidays, the large bulbs are definitely a summer attribute, pulling into the space a sense of festival or picnic in the country. It is best to decorate a balcony with such a garland, but you can also hang it in the room – together with sources of diffused light like floor lamps and table lamps they will create the appropriate atmosphere.