Why Write Essay on Legalizing Marihuana

Even though a topic about legalizing marijuana can cause a huge debate and arguments among adults, teachers give it as an assignment to students to express their concern and learn more about the effects the weeds can have on health and body. There are various controversial facts about cannabis that may bewilder any student. The most general idea you may stumble upon when searching for information about marijuana is that it’s the most commonly used drug after tobacco and alcohol. Its popularity is growing each year, especially among young people who don’t have enough knowledge about it to be completely aware of possible risks or misconceptions.

That’s why professors tend to exploit such an issue in their classes and raise the subject during different speaking clubs to make sure the students are familiar with the main points of the matter. Besides, such a heated topic provokes a lot of misunderstandings and conflicts due to the lack of credible information. Thus, students have an opportunity to learn more about the legalization of marijuana for medical use, which brings many benefits to society and can save many people’s lives.

Of course, as in anything used overly, some drawbacks can even be fatal. However, when students learn how to utilize the product efficiently, they can change their view on the subject and apply it in their professional sphere or careers in treating people with various disorders and even help to kill cancer cells or slow tumor growth. The main purpose of writing an essay on the topic is to show the positive side of legalizing cannabis which may outweigh all dubious facts of its disadvantage.

The Biggest Concerns of Legalizing Marijuana

People always wonder what the real facts about weed are that they don’t know yet to lessen the conflicts among people and reduce the crime rate. Students can raise this subject in their writings to provide themselves with more information and ideas on how to solve the problem. Many young people use marijuana legalization essay samples to deal with some complicated questions and learn how to apply particular structures in their works. They can consider the main concerns of legalizing weed which is still uncertain for many people whether it is right to make it legal.

Marihuana is less addictive than coffee and cigarettes

Are you surprised to hear that? Experts have argued about the harm of this drug. However, they concluded that there are more harmful substances people use on a daily basis that affect their health. The evidence suggests that marijuana is not physically addictive, unlike coffee. Of all people who smoke this product or apply it in any other form, only eight percent get addicted, which is lower than any other legal substance. Thus, the question about legalization is still open, as the product doesn’t seem to be more dangerous than many other things people apply in their daily lives. Whether you should incorporate it in your life is another concern that every person decides for oneself.

The way to stop the spread of many types of aggressive cancer

One of the reasons this topic should stand in line with many other crucial ones for essay writing is that raising this significant issue may help find a cure for many diseases. Young people who discover important information concerning the matter may get curious about the influence of the substance and apply them in their further studies. The previous studies done by scientists have suggested that the ingredients in cannabis have anti-cancer properties which help to induce the death of brain cancer cells. By doing research and finding out more about these practices, students have a chance to see the matter of legalizing the substance from a different angle.

The popular feed for domestic animals instead of grass

Since the medical and recreational use of the drug has become legal across the United States, there are also cases of feeding a domestic animal with the weed instead of giving them grass. There are sustainable, local farming practices to feed the animals with unwanted marijuana products, which has a positive experience of growing healthy and fat animals for the butcher industry. Cannabis growers usually have an excess of leftover stems, roots, and trimmings from their plants which go straight to a pigs farm. Many American butchers are convinced that meat’s flavor can be enhanced through a proper diet. And no wonder why customers and meat lovers prefer to buy the product which underwent this particular method.

Medical marijuana for pets

A Veterinary Information Network survey found that the bigger number of vets with clinical experience using cannabis products confirmed that CBD was very helpful for chronic pain in animals. Moreover, it was proved that the overdose on CBD is impossible. So the pet might look sleepy, but there is no toxicity. Thus, the study showed that cannabis could alleviate pain and anxiety in pets. In addition, practices on laboratory animals have shown benefits for cardiovascular health, the respiratory system, and cancer. So after this evidence, is legalizing marijuana still a question? Write about it in your essay.