Why we should not give water to Tulsi plant on Sundays?

Why we should not give water to Tulsi plant on Sundays?

Adding water to Tulsi on Sunday is considered inauspicious. This leads to the abode of negative forces in life. 3. This will increase clauses in the house and cause loss of money.

How do I protect my Tulsi plant from dying?

Always water the Tulsi plant when the top 1inch layer is dry; during the summer season, keep the soil moist throughout. During the rainy season, do not water it, and also in winters, reduce the watering as it will help prevent the diseases.

How can I recover my Tulsi plant from dying?

The first thing you do is to make sure it is dead by scratching the stem with something pointed. There are still some chances of reviving the plant if the insides are green. Secondly, you can reuse the dried seeds, if any, from the plant to regrow another Tulsi plant from it.

What happens if Tulsi plant dried?

One will find Tulsi in almost every Indian household. Make sure that you dispose of the dried out Tulsi leaves in a holy river or a water body. Also, avoid keeping a dry Tulsi plant as it brings bad luck and immediately replaces it with a new one.

What is the lifespan of Tulsi plant?

16 to 20 days

Why do Tulsi leaves turn black?

Fungal infections can also cause black or brown spots on basil plants. One of the most common culprits while growing basil is downy mildew. Unchecked, it can encourage a bacterial leaf spot on your plants. As the bacterial leaf spot progresses, the leaves may turn yellow to brown or black before they die.

Why is Tulsi plant kept outside?

Benefits of keeping tulsi plant at home Apart from its medicinal properties, the presence of tulsi plants helps in eliminating stress. It is believed that the tulsi plant absorbs toxic gases such as sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc., from the air.

Does Tulsi survive winter?

Tulsi, also known as holy basil or sacred basil, is a perennial in tropical and subtropical regions, but it can be grown indoors year round regardless of your climate. If brought indoors for the winter, tulsi will keep right on blooming and liven up any room with its sweet fragrance.

Can Tulsi grow in shade?

Your Tulsi plant has to be kept in a spot that is warm and sunny. Select a table or windowsill which will let the plant get sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours of indirect and bright sunlight. The cuttings have to be transferred into a pot of soil when the roots start growing.

How do you grow a Tulsi bushy?

Soil rich in nutrients will also help Tulsi plant to grow fast as tulsi plant absorbs most of the nutrients in the starting period i.e first 3 months. Also pinching will make your tulsi plant to grow faster as pinching enhance growth hormone in other branches and tulsi/basil plant will get bushy.

Which day should Tulsi be planted at home?

The plant of Tulsi should be planted on Thursday and Hindu Kartik Month is considered the best time to plant Tulsi. But, it can be planted any month, any week, on Thursday. It is also important to plant Tulsi in the middle of the house or in the courtyard.