Why is my Civ unhappy?

Why is my Civ unhappy?

Unhappiness is subtracted from the Happiness that your Civ produces. Citizens in Occupied Cities (any City acquired through Trade Deals or Peace Treaties that is Annexed without a Courthouse) will produce 1.33 Unhappiness per Citizen. Building a Courthouse will make the Unhappiness go back to that of a normal City.

How much unhappiness do specialists produce?

It is weirdly worded, they produce exactly the same amount as other citizens. Certain policies cause them to generate LESS than regular citizens, however.

What are specialists Civ 5?

Specialists giving points to stats like Production, Gold, Science, or Culture will find their bonuses increased by buildings that give percent bonuses. Specialists will give more GPP than Wonders, but Wonders can boost your cities’ output and help to specialize them.

Do puppet cities increase culture cost?

Puppet states focus on maximizing gold, so they’re a good way to build up an income. They also don’t add to your culture cost for social policies but add to your culture per turn, which is great. Annexing immediately and permanently adds to the requirement for policies.

When to found cities Civ 5?

I would suggest settling a new city as soon as you have 5 or more happiness so you can support the happiness hit. If you can, only settle locations with a luxury you don’t have yet. Once you get 4 up you should be fine but you can settle more if you see a really good location.

How close can you settle cities Civ 5?

Cities have to be at least 4 tiles apart from each other.

How big can a city get in Civ 5?

11 tiles

What happens if you found a city on a luxury resource Civ 5?

You get whichever yield is greater, the minimum or the yield of the tile you settled on, per resource (food, production, gold, faith). This means that you get an extra hammer from plains horses and an extra food from cattle, but most other bonus resources don’t affect yield.

Should I settle on resources Civ 6?

While settling on top of a strategic resource will net players a supply of the resource, it will not give players the yields. Unless players are very paranoid about an enemy pillaging an improvement with their strategic resource, it’s best to just settle nearby and build an improvement to get the yields.

What is the point of luxury resources in Civ 6?

Luxury resources Having more than one copy of a luxury resource provides no additional direct benefit, but they may be traded away to other civilizations. Founding a city on a luxury resource provides the luxury resource as well as the resource yields.

Can you harvest Mercury Civ 6?

Mercury can’t be harvested because it is a luxury resource, can it? Stone circles is for quarries while mercury is improved with mines.

Can you harvest cotton Civ 6?

Cultivated since the early Indus Valley civilization some seven millennia ago, the cotton plant produces a soft fiber that ripens in a boll and can be easily harvested.

Should you harvest stone Civ 6?

Harvesting hill stone does not remove any production value from your city, but removing from flatlands does. It depends where the stone is, and if it is on flat land or hills. If I want to place a district or wonder on that tile, then it is worth it to harvest the stone.