Why are INTPs so mean?

Why are INTPs so mean?

INTPs aren’t intentionally rude, it’s just that because they’re so truth, fact and logic focused, they tend to appear cold and aloof, but they really are one of the most sociable of all the introverts, only not when they need their periods of time alone to re-charge.

Are INTPs socially awkward?

There’s a stereotype that the INTP is the weirdest, most socially awkward type of all the 16 Myers-Briggs personalities, and to be fair, that’s often true. It’s also true that “normal” people can be bewildered by an INTP’s behavior. Take a free personality assessment.)

Are INTP emotionless?

In truth, INTPs are not as apathetic and unfeeling as they may appear. We’re uncomfortable with showing vulnerability and messy displays of emotion, but we’re not emotionless robots.

Are INTPs creepy?

They could seem scary without a decent amount of interaction because they are often pretty stoic. Hard to go too much into it, but I’d say you may have a quiet, calm demeanor in movement as well as breathing, and possibly even blink too little if you’re interested in books and the internet (you definitely are).

What do INTPs do for fun?

INTPs don’t shy away from a challenge, and that certainly applies to their gaming skills. They love the world of video games and board games, and enjoy the strategic and creative challenges that present themselves along the way.

How can a INTP be happy?

Eating right and getting exercise, as well as going outside from time to time, are things which are important to the INTPs happiness. These are the things they might neglect and not realize just how important they are, which is why sticking to certain habits is important.

When an INTP is happy?

INTP happiness manifests as an enlivening burst of creative energy and expressive spontaneity, mitigated only by the looming awareness that it can’t last. We tend to use this burst in a productive way, such as making an effort to reconnect with loved ones, catch up on backlogged chores, or get back in shape.

Why are INTPs so emotional?

The INTP tends to want to use logic as a means to solve most of the problems in their life. The problem comes, when this typical mode of solving their problems doesn’t work. The INTP wants the world to make sense, so they may have a hard time admitting they feel emotions like disappointment, anger, or embarrassment.

Are INTPs ever happy?

INTPs who isolate themselves rarely feel happy or successful. The INTP’s feeling of success depends upon their opportunities to exercise their active mind, their opportunities to seek and find Truth, and the condition of their relationships and extraverted life.

How do you tell if an INTP loves you?

Signs a INTP likes or is attracted to you.

  • They ask you how you’re feeling.
  • They notice that you’re feeling down.
  • They comment on and like your social media posts, no matter what they’re about.
  • They make a non-sarcastic joke.
  • They come up to you and take the initiative to start a conversation.
  • They compliment you for being smart.

Why do INTPs push people away?

INTP. Emotions are hard to understand and this can leave the INTP feeling overwhelmed by their feelings for someone. This can sometimes cause them to push others away, but deep down the INTP often hopes that they will come back to them.