Who was called poor man?

Who was called poor man?


Who was standing with Wachter?

A blacksmith in a village in the French region of Alsace-Lorraine. As he hurries to school, the narrator, Franz, passes Wachter standing in front of the town hall bulletin-board.

What was Franz afraid of?

Being late for school, Franz was much scared of scolding by his teacher M. Hamel. When he was entering school, he noticed that there was no commotion rather M. Hamel asked the boy politely to go to his place quickly.

Why did Franz think of spending a day out of doors and not going to school?

Franz was tempted to run away and spend the day outside instead of attending school as it was a warm and bright day and he wanted to watch the Prussian soldiers’ drill. Moreover he had not done his lesson on participles from which his teacher, M. Hamel was going to question and feared a scolding from his teacher.

Which word of Mr Hamel were a thunderclap to French?

The news about the order from Berlin regarding teaching of only German language in Alsace Lorraine were the words of thunderclap to Franz. Aakash EduTech Pvt. Ltd.

Which words of Mr Hamel was a thunderclap to Franz?

Answer. Answer: The teacher M Hamel informed his students that it was their last French class, because Berlin had sent an order that said that only German would be taught in schools in Lorraine and Alsace. This announcement seemed like a thunderclap to Franz.

What news came as a thunder clap to Little Franz?

Answer: M Hamel told his students that it was their last French lesson, as an order had come from Berlin that henceforth only German was to be taught in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine. This announcement seemed to be a thunderclap to Franz.

Why did grammar lesson seem so easy to Franz now?

Hamel was his french teacher and Franz was very scared of him and his great iron ruler. Hamel was teaching with great concentration and also even explaining a single word. By this Franz found the last lesson very easy and he realised that he could be the best in French if he tried to learn. # Hope this helps.

What did M Hamel blame himself for?

M. Hamel, the French teacher, partly blamed himself for neglect of learning of French on the part of boys like Franz. He blamed them for not being bothered enough to have their children learn their native language, French and opting to put them to work on their farms or at their mills instead.