Who has the best skyline in Texas?

Who has the best skyline in Texas?


What is the oldest building in Dallas?

Wilson Building (Dallas)

Location 1621-1623 Main St., Dallas, Texas
Coordinates 32°46′53″N 96°47′49″WCoordinates: 32°46′53″N 96°47′49″W
Area 1.5 acres (0.61 ha)
Built 1903
Significant dates

When did HL Green close?

H. L. Green was a five and dime store chain in the United States during the twentieth century named for founder Harold L. Green (1892–1951)….H. L. Green Company.

An H. L. Green Storefront in Atlanta, Georgia.
Industry Variety store
Defunct 1990s
Fate Closed as part of parent company (McCrory Stores) bankruptcy in 2001.

What is the oldest building in Fort Worth Texas?

The M. A. Benton House

How did Fort Worth get its name?

Founded by Maj. Ripley Arnold as a military outpost in 1849, Fort Worth was named after Gen. William Jenkins Worth, commander of the Texas army. Their names live on forever through our streets, lakes, museums, buildings, schools, hospitals, sports facilities, performance venues and airports.

When was Fort Worth Texas established?


What stands on the site of the old Fort Worth?

While downtown boasts stories of Hell’s Half Acre and American Presidents, the Stockyards National Historic District still resembles its prime in the early 1900’s. Buildings such as the Livestock Exchange Building (1902), Cowtown Coliseum (1907) and the Stockyards Hotel (1907) still stand fully operational today.

How did Dallas become a city?

The Texas legislature granted Dallas a town charter on February 2, 1856. Samuel Pryor, elected the first mayor, headed a town government consisting of six aldermen, a treasurer-recorder, and a constable. Dallas quickly became a service center for the rural area surrounding it.