Which is the oldest Veda question answer?

Which is the oldest Veda question answer?

The oldest Veda is Rigveda, composed about 3500 years ago. The Rigveda includes more than a thousand hymns, called sukta or “well-said”. These hymns are in praise of various gods and goddesses. Was this answer helpful?

Who is the god of fire according to rigveda *?


Who was Gramini?

Answer. Gramini was”rig Vedic polity”during rig Vedic era,the basic unit of power lied within a patnachal family (kula). the head of family was kulapa. a group of such families called grama.

Who was Gramani in history?

Gramani (ग्रामणी) was ancient name of ‘the leader of the village’ known to Panini and in Mahabharata (II. 29.8).

Who called Grihapati?

Grihapati was the male head of the family in the Indian Vedic society.

Why did the early Vedic tribes fight over cattle grazing grounds and river water?

Ans: According to the Rigveda, battles were fought to capture cattle. They were also fought for land which was important for grazing land, and for growing stable crops. Some battles were fought for water, and to capture people.

Why were battles fought in the Rigvedic period?

Ans: Battles were fought in the Rigvedic period for various reasons such as: Battles were fought to capture cattle. They also fought for land, which was important for pasture and for growing hardy crops that ripened quickly, such as barley. Some battles were fought for water and to capture people.

Who were rajas in Rigveda?

Rajas of Mahajanapadas: (i) They became rajas by performing very big sacrifices where people accepted their supremacy. (ii) They had capital city, which were fortified. They also had large armies. Rajas in Rigveda: (i) The rulers was chosen by the jana i.e., the people.

Who were Aryans 6th?

The Aryans were religious people. They worshipped many gods but believed that ultimately there was one god . Actually they saw many in one and one in many. The Aryans offered all worships in the open .

Who composed Vedas Class 6?

4 Who composed the vedic hymns? Ans. 4 i) These hymns were composed by sages (rishis).

What did the composers of Vedas call themselves?

Ans: People who composed the hymns called themselves Aryans and they called their opponents ‘Dasas’.