Which is better Jamaica or Bahamas?

Which is better Jamaica or Bahamas?

While Jamaica has some amazing tropical beaches, like those in Montego bay, Ocho Rios and Negril, the Bahamas comes out on top. The beaches in The Bahamas are so plentiful, and so diverse, that you can find a breathtaking white sand beach on dozens, if not hundreds of the 700 islands across the Bahamian archipelago.

Where should you stay in Jamaica?

  • 5 Best Areas to Stay in Jamaica.
  • Negril – Where to Stay in Jamaica for First Timers.
  • Kingston – Where to Stay in Jamaica on a Budget.
  • Montego Bay – Where to Stay on Jamaica for Nightlife.
  • Port Antonio – Coolest Place to Stay in Jamaica.
  • Ocho Rios – Where to Stay in Jamaica for Families.

Which one is cheaper Jamaica or Bahamas?

Both the Bahamas and Jamaica are great places to visit for a beach-orientated vacation, with each island home to beautiful white sandy stretches of coastline, and some stunning snorkeling spots. Jamaica is also a much cheaper option than the Bahamas too.

Is Aruba or Jamaica better?

Aruba definitely has an American feel to it, whereas Jamaica has more of a colorful Caribbean vibe. Therefore if you want a holiday where you really feel like you are in the Caribbean, then Jamaica is the best choice. When it comes to nightlife, both countries are fun places to stay when the sun goes down.

Is Aruba better than Bahamas?

Aruba or Bahamas: Stunning natural scenery The Bahamas is huge compared to Aruba, and there are countless islands and beaches to discover. Therefore if you’re wanting a holiday where you can explore and island hop, then the Bahamas may suit you better than Aruba.

How far is the Bahamas from Jamaica?

767 kilometers

How many hours is the Bahamas from Jamaica?

Flying time from Jamaica to Bahamas The total flight duration from Jamaica to Bahamas is 1 hour, 21 minutes.

How much is a ticket from Jamaica to Bahamas?

Airline Cheapest Average
JetBlue $304 $492
Caribbean Airlines $507 $530
American Airlines $509 $717

How much does trip to Jamaica cost?

So, a trip to Jamaica for two people for one week costs on average J$214,626 ($1,423). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget. This data comes from the travel budgets of real travelers – How it works.

Do u need a passport to go to Jamaica?

U.S. citizens are generally required to present a valid U.S. passport when traveling to Jamaica, as well as proof of anticipated departure from Jamaica. You do not need a visa for tourist travel up to 90 days. All other travelers will need a visa and/or work permit.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Jamaica?


How long can I stay in Jamaica?

six months

How can I go to Jamaica without a passport?

Some of the documents you’ll need to provide to get your emergency passport in order while in Jamaica include:

  1. Passport photo.
  2. Picture identification, like a driver’s license.
  3. Evidence of U.S. citizenship, such as a birth certificate or a photocopy of your missing passport.
  4. Travel itinerary (airline or cruise tickets).