When was the Aztec feather shield found?

When was the Aztec feather shield found?

This shield, first mentioned in 1522 as a gift to the Bishop of Palencia, came to Austria in the 1550s as a gift of the current Bishop of Palencia, Don Pedro de la Gasca, to Emperor Ferdinand I and subsequently passed on to the collection of Archduke Ferdinand of Tyrol at Ambras castle near Innsbruck.

What does a hummingbird mean in Mexican culture?

The Aztecs or Mexica, recognized hummingbirds as brave and courageous fighters. It was admired because, despite its size, showed great strength and power to fly. Notably, the Aztecs believed that this bird never died, and was the symbol * Huitzilopochtli, the god of war.

What happens if you put too much sugar in hummingbird food?

Too little sugar will not provide the necessary calories; too much sugar can harm the liver and kidneys of hummingbirds. Use only granulated white cane sugar and fresh water. Store bought hummingbird food contains preservatives; avoid it.

Do windchimes scare hummingbirds away?

Use an ant guard AND a bee guard to keep them away from the feeders. Or a bit of petroleum jelly over the pole the feeder hangs from will help keep those unwanted competitors away. Add a red ribbon to feeder, though some people say any color will do.

Do windchimes attract spirits?

Windchimes certainly do not attract ghosts. However, if you have to hang windchimes in your bedroomfor whatever reasonyou should always make sure that they are not hanging over a sleeping person.

Do windchimes scare squirrels?

Wind chimes can scare away squirrels but only temporarily. The sound created by the chimes can startle squirrels and cause them to run away. However, the squirrels will get used to the sound relatively quickly, so you’ll need to replace them often with a different noise in order to keep them away.

Do windchimes scare rats?

Rodents detest the smell of garlic, peppermint and hot spices. Plant a peppermint tree around the edges of your decking or sprinkle cayenne around potential entry points to deter vermin from nesting.