What were royalty carried?

What were royalty carried?

A palanquin is a covered litter, usually for one passenger. It is carried by an even number of bearers (between two and eight, but most commonly four) on their shoulders, by means of a pole projecting fore and aft. The word is derived from the Sanskrit palyanka, meaning bed or couch.

What is a Japanese covered vehicle carried by people called?

A kago (駕籠) is a type of litter used as a means of human transportation by the non-samurai class in feudal Japan and into the Meiji period.

How did servants address royalty?

If communicating directly with a member of the Royal Family the letter should begin ‘Sir/Madam’ and end ‘I have the honor to remain, Sir/Madam, Your Royal Highness’s most humble and obedient servant’. In the body of the letter substitute ‘Your Royal Highness’ for ‘you’ and ‘Your Royal Highness’s’ for ‘your’.

Who invented palanquin?

Francois Solvyns

Why do the palanquin bearers carry the bride lightly?

Answer: The Palanquin Bearers carry the bride ‘lightly’ because she is very precious and also it is the most auspicious occasion for her. So they handle here like a very precious jewel.

What is the mood of the poem palanquin bearers?

the palanquin bearers are in a gay and cheerful mood and are honored to be carrying the royal princess in their palanquin. they are carrying the palanquin a very gentle and soft manner so as not to hurt the lady. the palanquin bearers feel privileged to carry the royal princess on their shoulders.

What metaphors are used for the bangles worn by a bride?

In the second stanza, while describing the colors suitable for young maidens she uses the similes “Silver and blue as the mountain mist” and “Some are flushed like the buds that dream.” Again, in the third stanza too, the poet compares the colors of bangle for a bride to the “fields of sunlit corn,” and “flame of her …

Why does a bride laugh and shed tears?

The passion of a newly made relation fills her mind. This is the bridal laughter, the joy of starting a new life with her husband. On the other hand, she has tears in her eyes as she is sad to leave her parents and other relatives in her family.

Which Colour bangles are meant to be worn by the bride on her bridal morning?

So, the bride has a preference for the yellow coloured bangles on the wedding morning. Yellow colour is compared to field of sunlit corn which conveys peace and prosperity of bridal morning.

What kind of bangles are meant for bride?

Bangles that are silvery and blue and as misty as mountain mist are meant for young maidens. Bangles that are yellow in colour and look like corn fields are best suited for a bride. Red bangles that are like flames of her marriage are also suited for her wrist. The imagery used by the poet is noteworthy.

Why does the poet call the Bangles delicate?

Answer : The poet uses the word ‘delicate’ to describe the bangles as they are made of glass and hence can break easily. ‘rainbow-tinted circles of light’ refers to the round shaped, multi-coloured bangles that glow in sunlight. Therefore, it is an appropriate description of the bangles.

Why are silver and blue color compared to the mountain mist?

Silver and blue colours have been compared to the mountain mist because a mist is characterised by freshness, beauty and purity. Thus these colours symbolise the virginity of the maidens.

Why are bangles compared to the newborn leaves?

the bangles suitable to a maiden are compared to the newborn leaves or dew drops on the new born leaves. new born leaves signify the freshness, youth and beauty of a young girl. silver,blue and pink coloured bangles are meant for a maiden. these bangles show the beauty and freshness of a maiden.

What are the different Coloured bangles they sell?

Answer: Bangles of different colours have been mentioned earlier: silver, blue, pink and green for virgin maidens, yellow and fiery red for the bride.

How do the green bangles glow?

Explain: Some are aglow with the bloom that cleaves/ To the limpid glory of new born leaves. The new born leaves shine with the bloom (a delicate powdery surface deposit) that cleaves (adheres or sticks) to those leaves. The green bangles are shining the same way, as the poet describes them.

Why does the poet say some are meet for a maiden’s wrist?

They are compared to mountain mist because the Virgin maidens have same longings as high as the mountains. According to Sarojini Naidu the bangles suitable for the maiden’s wrist are silver and blue coloured bangles like silver and blue mountain mist. This symbolises the virginity of a maiden.

Who will buy these delicate bright bangles?

Its prospective buyers are the happy daughters and happy wives. 2. Bangle sellers could sell the goods anywhere but they choose to sell them at the temple because the temple fair is a place that attracts a lot of women and children.

Why are the daughters and wives happy bangle sellers?

Answer. The daughters are happy because they dream of marriage and the bangles express their longings. The wives who wear bangles lead a satisfying married life.

Who will buy these delicate bright rainbow tinted circles of light means?

The narrator is trying to convince potential customers to buy some of her bangles. When she describes them as “delicate, bright / Rainbow-tinted circles of light,” she is implying that her bangles are visually attractive (“bright”) and colorful (“Rainbow-tinted”).

Where have the bangle sellers decided to sell their bangles and to whom?

Answer Expert Verified Although bangle sellers can sell their wares from anywhere, they prefer the temple fair because this is the place that attracts a lot of women and children. They have bangles of different colors for women of all age groups.