What was the first settlement in Connecticut?

What was the first settlement in Connecticut?

The first English colonists came from the Bay Colony and Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. Original Connecticut Colony settlements were at Windsor in 1633; at Wethersfield in 1634; and in 1636, at Hartford and Springfield, (the latter was administered by Connecticut until defecting in 1640.)

What are 3 facts about Connecticut?

Connecticut Facts

  • Capital: Hartford.
  • Population: 3.5 million.
  • Nickname: The Constitution State, The Nutmeg State.
  • Key Cities: Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Hartford, Waterbury.
  • Postal Abbreviation: CT.
  • Major Industries: Finance, insurance, real estate, healthcare, engineering.
  • Size: 5,543 sq.
  • Lowest point: Long Island Sound at sea level.

Where should I go this weekend in CT?

14 Top-Rated Weekend Getaways in Connecticut

  • Chester. Fall foliage.
  • Mystic. Mystic Seaport.
  • Greenwich. Boats anchored in the bay at Greenwich.
  • New Haven. New Haven Green.
  • Hartford. Downtown Hartford.
  • Cornwall. Red covered bridge in Western Cornwall.
  • Milford. Fishing pier at Walnut Beach.
  • Essex. Essex Steam Train.

What can you do in Connecticut for free?

  • Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens. Hartford.
  • International Festival of Arts & Ideas. New Haven.
  • Submarine Force Library & Museum. Groton.
  • Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. New Haven.
  • Steep Rock Preserve. Washington Depot.
  • Tarrywile Park. Danbury.
  • Knights of Columbus Museum. New Haven.
  • State Capitol. Hartford.

Where should I go in the winter in CT?

You Must Visit These 13 Awesome Places In Connecticut This Winter

  • Wonderland At Roseville. Facebook/Wonderland at Roseville.
  • Beardsley Zoo. Facebook/Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo.
  • Knights of Columbus Museum.
  • Powder Ridge Park.
  • Winterfest and Tunnel of Lights.
  • Brooksvale Park.
  • Downtown Cabaret Theater.
  • Bushnell Park.

What was the most snow in Connecticut?


Event Measurement Date
Most snow, 24 hours 36 inches (91 cm) 8–9 February 2013

How much snow does CT get?

Connecticut averages 37 inches of snow per year.

What is the best area to live in Connecticut?

The 6 Best Places to Live in Connecticut

  1. WEST HARTFORD, CT. Ranked the best place to live in Connecticut three years in a row, West Hartford attracts a diverse group—everyone from young professionals and families to retirees wants to put down roots here.

What is the best time to visit Connecticut?

Late-spring – May, June – or late-summer and early-fall – September, October are excellent months to visit Connecticut. Fall’s foliage spectacle causes many thousands of weekenders to flock to New England. So avoid weekends in the Autumn if you want to avoid crowds.