What is the significance of the Renaissance period?

What is the significance of the Renaissance period?

The Renaissance was a fervent period of European cultural, artistic, political and economic “rebirth” following the Middle Ages. Generally described as taking place from the 14th century to the 17th century, the Renaissance promoted the rediscovery of classical philosophy, literature and art.

What are the three modern innovations that were influenced by the Renaissance?

Three inventions in particular — the printing press, firearms, and the nautical compass — were indeed seen as evidence that the Moderns could not only compete with the Ancients, but had surpassed them, for these three inventions allowed modern people to communicate, exercise power, and finally travel at distances …

What inventions were made in the Renaissance period?


  • Printing Press.
  • Woodblock printing.
  • Pendulum.
  • Eyeglasses.
  • Telescope.
  • Microscope.
  • Barometer.
  • Musket.

How did the Renaissance contribute to new developments in technology and science?

How did the Renaissance contribute to new developments in technology and science? Technology: artists began to use perspective and other techniques to make their painting and sculptures more realistic. Science: The telescope and the microscope helped scientist to study the world around them.

How did humanism impact science and technology during the Renaissance?

Humanism benefited the development of science in a number of more specific ways. Humanistic philology, moreover, supplied scientists with clean texts and clear Latin translations of the Classical works—Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Archimedes, and even Ptolemy—that furthered their studies.

Has technology influenced culture during the Renaissance period?

Cultural Impacts The Telescope really changed the culture during the Renaissance. People such as Nicholas Copernicus and Galileo used to find that the solar system was heliocentric instead of geocentric which was what people thought for a thousand years.

What three things helped spread the Renaissance beyond Italy?

The development of paper, the printing press, and new universities helped spread Renaissance ideas beyond Italy.

What developments helped spread Renaissance ideas?

Trade, the movement of artists and scholars, and the development of printing helped spread Renaissance ideas north from Italy.

Which influence was the most important in inspiring the Renaissance?

The greatest influence of the Italian Renaissance was the work of Humanist scholars and renewed interest in classical learning.

Who was the most influential artist in the Renaissance?

Leonardo da Vinci