What is the purpose of Kami?

What is the purpose of Kami?

Kami is an online document annotation and markup tool. You can highlight, underline, and strikethrough text in PDF and other document formats. You can also add text boxes, shapes, and images. Kami works with Google Drive and Google Classroom.

How do you use kami in the classroom?

You need to go to the Classwork tab in your Classroom course, click the Create button in Classroom, and select Kami Assignment from the list of options. You can also create a Kami Assignment from the home view by clicking Create Classroom Assignment.

How do you share kami with students?

Go to your Kami file and click the Share button in the top right corner of Kami, which looks like three dots connected by two lines. Once the file is uploaded to our servers, you will be provided with a link. This link can then be shared with anyone that you wish to work with.

Can you share a Kami?

There are 3 very simple steps to share your Kami file: Click on the ‘Share Document’ button – located at the right of your menubar. Select which settings you want on in the “Sharing Options” window. Simply copy, embed or share on social media the link produced at the top of the “Sharing Options” screen.

Can you record voice in Kami?

This tool allows you to attach a voice recording to a section of text in the same manner as a text comment. This tool allows you to attach a video recording using an attached camera to a section of text in the same manner as a text comment.

Can I add audio to Kami?

The Comment Tool also allows you to add Video and Audio Comments (the Video and Audio comments are paid features). A detailed overview can be found here.

Can you do speech to text on Kami?

With this tool, anyone with a Kami Teacher Plan, Kami Schools Account, or Kami Work Account can click the text tool, followed by the microphone (you should be prompted to allow access to your microphone, but if you are still having issues, check your computer settings), and start speaking.

Is there text to speech in Kami?

Text-to-Speech will enable all Kami for Schools users the ability to use speech synthesis that converts text into spoken voice output. This feature is currently available to Kami for Schools licensed accounts only.

How do you get kami for free?

Kami is and will always be available to use free of charge. Our free accounts don’t require a credit card for sign-up and the service is a totally ad-free. Signing up is quick and easy! To get started, go to web.kamiapp.com, or download the Chrome extension here.

How do you color Kami?

The color tool can be used to select the color used for the other tools in the Markup toolbar. By clicking on the color selector at the bottom, you can change the quick access colors to fit your preferences.