What is the Port of Liverpool building used for?

What is the Port of Liverpool building used for?

The building acted as the head offices of the MDHB (renamed the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company in 1972) for some 87 years. In 1994 the company moved to new headquarters at the Maritime Centre near Seaforth Dock in the north of the city, in order to be closer to what was now the centre of Liverpool’s docking system.

Who owns the Cunard Building?

Cunard Building
Owner Liverpool City Council
Technical details
Structural system Reinforced concrete with Portland Stone cladding
Design and construction

What is the Cunard building used for?

The Cunard – No Ordinary Building Office space designed to enhance the performance of your employees, helping your business to grow and prosper.

What year was the Cunard building built?


What is the Liver building used for?

Opened in 1911, the building is the purpose-built home of the Royal Liver Assurance group, which had been set up in the city in 1850 to provide locals with assistance related to losing a wage-earning relative.

Are Liver Birds real?

The Liver bird is a mythical bird based on the cormorant. There is no consistent distinction between cormorants and shags.

How high is the Liver Building?

51 m

What’s the biggest clock face in the UK?

The Royal Liver Building Clock

What buildings in Liverpool were built by slaves?

One of the best examples of the enduring legacy of slavery in Liverpool can be seen in the Anglican Cathedral. Although the cathedral is a totally twentieth-century building, inside there is a memorial to the merchant, Richard Watt, who died in 1796.

Why are the liver birds called Bella and Bertie?

The Royal Liver Building was built in 1911 and at it was the tallest building in Europe at the time. According to local history, the birds are a male and female pair called Bertie and Bella. Bella looks out towards the river to protect the port while Bertie looks over the city to protect the people of Liverpool.