What is the main reason Caesar was killed?

What is the main reason Caesar was killed?

Caesar was killed for three reasons: First, the conspirators wanted to halt his power growth. Second, they tried to prevent him from becoming king and destroying the Roman Republic. Finally, some were motivated by basic human emotions – personal vengeance.

Why can Portia not choose her own husband?

Not so fast. Not only is every potential suitor out to get his hands on Portia’s wealth, but Portia doesn’t even get to choose her husband, because her (dead) dad set up a little contest (“lottery”) involving three caskets to ensure his little princess married the “right” man.

What reasoning is Portia talking about?

Answer: Portia means that her dead father’s will is taking away her liberty to choose a husband on her own. Her wishes in life are being controlled by the wishes of a dead father.

Why does Portia unhappy in her life?

Like Antonio, Portia announces her sadness, but unlike Antonio’s, Portia’s sadness is clearly due to the conditions imposed on her by her dead father’s will: in the matter of her marriage, she must abide by the test of the choice of the three caskets; she can “neither choose who I would nor refuse who dislike [as a …

Why did Prince of Arragon reject the lead casket?

Prince of Arragon, trying his luck at winning Portia’s hand in marriage, rejects the lead casket as he thinks that it is not beautiful enough to give and risk all his possessions for.

What does Portia say about brain blood?

The brain may devise laws for the blood, but a hot temper leaps o’er a cold decree. Such a hare is madness the youth—to skip o’er the meshes of good counsel the cripple. But this reasoning is not in the fashion to choose me a husband.

Why does Portia say if I should marry him I should marry twenty husbands?

When Portia says “If I should marry him ,I should marry 20 husbands” she means that if she married Le Bon she should marry twenty husbands since Le Bon is having the characteristics of 20 men in him alone.

What could Portia easily teach but not practice?

I could more easily teach twenty people what the right thing to do is than actually be one of those twenty and have to follow my own teaching. Your mind may exercise control over your passions, but a hot temper trumps cold reason. But this kind of reasoning is not going to help me choose a husband.

How does Nerissa Portia?

Answer: Nerissa tells Portia to set aside her fears concerning the suitors. She says that they have informed her of their decision to go back home and not to press their courtship further unless Portia’s father’s decree concerning the caskets can be set aside and they may woo her in a way.

What does Nerissa say about Portia father?

Nerissa says to cheer up Portia that her father was always a good man, and such men have good guidance inspirations from Heaven at the time of their death when making their wills. Therefore Nerissa assures Portia that none but the person who really loves her and not her money will choose the right casket.