What is the main language of the Maasai?

What is the main language of the Maasai?


What does Ero mean in Maasai?

guard or watchman

Where are you going in Luo language?

When a tout tells you “Kanye” he is simply asking where are you going. “Wadhi” simply means let’s go.

How do you say hello in Luo?

A collection of useful phrases in Dholuo (Luo), a Nilo-Saharan language spoken in Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania….Useful phrases in Dholuo.

Phrase Dholuo
Hello (General greeting) Misawa (frm) Misawa ahinya (reply) Ber (inf) Ber ahinya (reply)
Hello (on phone)

What is I love you in Luo?

i cito kwe. I love you. I LOVE YOU….AMOLLO III TRANSLATION. i miss you. i saw.

How do you greet someone in Luo?

  1. Greetings: How are you? (informal) Amosi? Very well. Ber ahinya. This is literally, “I greet you,” a-mos-i.
  2. General: Thank you (very much), Erokamano (ahinya) Note that thanks are quite different in Uganda’s Acholi Lwo: “Apwoyo (ma tek).” I’ll be back. Abiroduogo.
  3. Numbers: One, achiel. Two, ariyo. Three, adek.

What does Abiro mean?

Association of British International Rally Organisers

What does nyako mean in Luo?

a girl

How do you say goodbye in Luo?

Below are some of the most common Luo words and their translations.

  1. Oyawore – morning greeting.
  2. Misawa – afternoon greeting.
  3. Oriti – goodbye.
  4. Ber – hi.
  5. Ero kamano – thank you.
  6. Mos – I’m sorry.
  7. Mos ahinya – I’m very sorry.
  8. Ee – yes.

How do you say love in Luo?

Sweetest nicknames for your Luo boyfriend

  1. Obera. This is a name given to a person you consider handsome and attractive in the Luo language.
  2. Jahera. It translates to ‘my love’ or ‘my lover’, a name any man in a relationship likes to hear coming from his other half.
  3. Ratego.
  4. Osiepa and osiepchunya.
  5. Chuora.

What does Awuoro mean in Luo?

Awuoro means I wonder or in another context I am amazed.

What does Osiep chunya mean?

My sweetheart

Are Luo men handsome?

It is not debatable that luo men are outgoing guys. They are not stingy ,they are lively and normally wins the soul of beauty queens they encounter. The gentlemen from the lakeside are really handsome and romantic. These men are very strong due to their lifestyle and traditional meals.