What is the first safe code in Prey?

What is the first safe code in Prey?


What are the codes in Prey?

All the codes, passwords and keycodes you’ll need to get through Prey. Including solutions to every locked safe….Prey Keycodes for Doors and Safes.

Location – Safe/Door Keycode
Talos 1 Lobby – I.T. Department 0913
Talos 1 Lobby – Dr. DeVries’ Safe 7324
Hardware Labs – Dr. Thorstein’s Safe 9954
Psychotronics – Armory 8714

Where is the keycard in Prey?


Secured Pharmaceuticals The keycard is left behind by a Phantom in the storeroom on the 2nd Level of the Creq Quarters. It’s used to open a safe in Talos I Hall.

How do I get into the yellow tulip supply closet?

Yellow Tulip Supply Closet Keycard: Found on the “Tizzy” Operator, behind the bar at the front of the Yellow Tulip. Lorenzo Calvino’s Password: Found on an email sent by Danielle Sho. Calvino’s Safe Keycode: 0523 – Available on the note on Calvino’s desk in his cabin.

How do I get to the main lobby in Prey?

When you’re ready, head through the door with the big green button to enter the Main Lobby. Turn left once you’re past the loading screen, and loot the corpse. There are two more neuromods in the briefcase on the couch. Continue into the Main Lobby and head down the stairs on your right.

Where is shuttle bay keycard prey?

Prey Get Shuttle Bay Key Card. To get the shuttle bay key card and get into the shuttle bay, first go to the shuttle fuel area via the GUTS. Then defeat the phantom within and search around for the body that has the key card.

How do you open the Psychotronics prey?

The way to Psychotronics is locked and blocked which prevents you from finishing The Corpse Vanishes side mission. Simply use the boltcaster to hit the button after you smash the glass like in the video above. Also, you can shoot at the computer terminal to the right of the door as well.

Where is the Q beam in Prey?

The Q-Beam is in the aptly named Beams and Waves Lab in the Hardware Labs — you’ll be here during the “Through a Glass Darkly” objective. While you’re out on your spacewalk, you have to repair the breach failsafe next to Dr. Calvino’s body.

Where is the Golden Gun in Prey?

It’s in the Crew Quarters in Crew Cabins A — it’s the first door on your right. Head inside and grab the gun out of her safe.

Can you kill the nightmare in Prey?

The surest way to kill a nightmare is to hit it with a nullwave transmitter and follow that up with two or three recycler charges — the nullwave will keep it from from fighting back while you’re waiting for the recyclers to go off.

How do you kill Weaver prey?

The Q-beam is the only weapon with which a weaver can be killed without triggering backlash. The stun gun can immobilise a weaver and does not trigger the backlash as it does do not deal damage to the weaver.

How many endings does prey have?


Should you destroy Talos 1?

A Mind Without Limits: This ending involves knocking out — but not killing — all of the typhons in and around Talos 1. It preserves the station, the research and knowledge contained therein and anyone left alive. This is (arguably) the good ending. Talos 1 is destroyed along with the typhons, research and neuromods.

Should I kill January?

January resides in the relative safety of Morgan Yu’s Office and is armed with a Disruptor Stun Gun for self-defense. Typhon generally ignore or stray away from January, but it is not an essential character and can be destroyed in the right circumstances (or if Morgan attacks it).