What is significant about the Maurya family quizlet?

What is significant about the Maurya family quizlet?

What is significant about the Maurya family? They were the first to unite the kingdoms of India. They were the first to unite the kingdoms of India.

Why was Asoka an important ruler quizlet?

You just studied 27 terms! Ashoka of the Mauryan Dynasty, who converted to Buddhism because he saw his army destroying everything, so he started spreading the religion, and ruled his dynasty with rules of Buddhism. Buddhism grew in India, and after Ashoka died, it almost went extinct.

What can we learn from Ashoka the Great?


  • Self-reformation. The first truth emerging from Ashoka’s tale is the ability to transform one’s self from bad to good, and good to better, by self-introspection.
  • Effective communication.
  • Foreign policy.
  • Conservation of wildlife.
  • Equal law.
  • A tolerant leader.

How did Ashoka change after experiencing a violent battle?

Conversion to Buddhism Legend says that one day after the war was over, Ashoka ventured out to roam the city and all he could see were burnt houses and scattered corpses. The lethal war with Kalinga transformed the vengeful Emperor Ashoka into a stable and peaceful emperor, and he became a patron of Buddhism.

How did Ashoka spread the teachings of Dhamma?

Ashoka adopted several measures to spread his dhamma. Some of them are: (i) He himself set an example before his people by strictly following Ahimsa. (ii) He appointed some; officers known as Dharam Mahamatras to spread and explain the message of dhamma. {iii) He engraved the principles of dhamma on rocks and pillars.

What is meant by Dhamma?

Dhamma means ‘to uphold’, and therefore it is central to Buddhist belief as it ‘holds up’ the religion and Buddhists may also believe that it upholds the natural order of the universe. Dhamma is based upon the actions and teachings of the Buddha, which Buddhists are encouraged to follow.

Why is Dharma Day important?

Dharma Day is celebrated in Theravada countries on the full moon day of July. It marks the beginning of the Buddha’s teaching. Soon after the Buddha’s enlightenment, he went to find his disciples and tell them about his experience. The Buddha’s first sermon is believed to have taken place in the Deer Park at Sarnath.

What is the relationship between dharma and karma?

Dharma and karma are Sanskrit concepts that have been codified through the practice of indigenous Indian religions. 2. Dharma refers to one’s lifelong duty whereas karma refers to someone’s day to day actions and the negative or positive obligations these actions bring about.

What is difference between dharma and karma?

The difference between Dharma and Karma is that dharma is based on birth whereas Karma is the deeds of human life. Both of them lead to the path of salvation.