What is one effect of repeating?

What is one effect of repeating?

Repetition creates a rhythm that emphasizes important ideas. Repetition helps readers predict the outcome of the hero’s journey. Repetition creates a smooth transition from one event to the next. Repetition emphasizes the relationships between characters.

How does repetition affect the audience?

Repetition also helps emphasize your point to your directly to your audience. The audience is more likely to remember something that has been repeated. Parallelism works the same way but without rote repetition of words or ideas and instead constructs them from similar examples.

What is the effect of repetition in poetry?

In poetry, repetition is repeating words, phrases, lines, or stanzas. Repetition is used to emphasize a feeling or idea, create rhythm, and/or develop a sense of urgency.

Which characteristics does Gilgamesh display in this passage check all that apply?

Answer: strong leadership skills. compelling and confident speech. courage in the face of danger.

Which statement is a theme Gilgamesh?

Death. The major theme of the poem is that of mortality. Gilgamesh must learn the difficult lesson that, even as a king, he too must face the reality of his own death.

Which lines from Gilgamesh best establish Gilgamesh as triumphant in battle?

Which lines from Gilgamesh: A New English Version best establish Gilgamesh as triumphant in battle? ~”I will stand by you. Now let us attack.”

Which statement is a theme the story teaches?

Theme is what the story teaches readers. A theme is not a word; it is a sentence.

Which theme does this passage most support Gilgamesh answered?

Answer Expert Verified Through deductive reasoning, we can conclude that the theme this passage most supports is that brave heroes also need help, we can see this in Gilgamesh’s appeal for his friend’s help in the following section: “If we help each other and fight side by side, what harm can come to us?”.

Which statement is true the story teaches the importance of devoted friends?

The story teaches the importance of devoted friends. Gilgamesh delivers an encouraging speech to Enkidu. When Humbaba is defeated, the friends rejoice. True friends remain loyal despite hardship.

Does Gilgamesh gain immortality?

He fails in his quest for physical immortality, but the gods take mercy on him and allow him to visit his friend Enkidu in the underworld. In the end, like other heroes of ancient mythology, Gilgamesh did achieve immortality through legend and the written word.