What is my Maat?

What is my Maat?

Maat(adj) dejected; sorrowful; downcast.

How do you get Maat after your name?

An AAT full member is a qualified accountant who has demonstrated the skills and experience required to be approved for AAT full membership. They can use the designatory letters MAAT after their name. AAT full members can also apply for a licence to run their own practice as an AAT Licensed Accountant or Bookkeeper.

How much does an AAT qualified person earn?

Students working towards an AAT qualification have an average salary of £19,000 to £21,000. This rises to £28,000 for full members with MAAT status who have completed the AAT Professional Diploma.

How much does a Level 4 AAT earn?

Now that you’ve studied topics such as tax, auditing and credit control from the Level 4 syllabus, you will be able to apply for more senior roles than after studying at Levels 2 and 3. The average salary for a role at Level 4 is £20,897 (2017 AAT Salary and Career survey).

What job can you get with AAT Level 4?

Here are just a few to consider:

  • Bookkeeper. Bookkeepers allow businesses to have a full view of their finances at any time.
  • Accounts assistant. Accounting Assistants support the Accounting department.
  • Finance Analyst.
  • Tax Manager.
  • Chartered accountant.

How many times can you retake an AAT exam?

Students who are 16 – 18 and studying full time and are taking either foundation (level 2), or advanced (level 3) are subject to the resit rule, where they can only attempt each assessment twice within 24 months.

Can you use a calculator in AAT exams?

Students may bring with them pens, pencils, erasers and calculators. No other equipment is allowed. If any of this equipment is in a case, that case must be transparent, to allow the examination of the contents.

How many AAT Level 3 exams are there?

AAT Syllabus and Exams. The AAT syllabus consists of 17 exams in total, spread across 3 AAT levels. Through each qualification you’ll learn practical skills to prepare you for the workplace, from basic finance administration skills to preparing final accounts and complex management accounting tasks.