What is Monkey Mosaic in GTA 5?

What is Monkey Mosaic in GTA 5?

Monkey Mosaics are exclusive collectibles in the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V. Players can access this content regardless of whether they are a returning player or not, although limited for non-returning players.

How much is the monkey suit in GTA?


Arena War Tops – Nightmare
Name Price
Space Monkey Face Tee $4900
Space Monkey Suit Tee $5480
Space Monkey Logo Tee $3990

What is the most expensive outfit in GTA 5?

Most Expensive Clothing in GTA V

  • Price Range: $330900 – $350000.
  • Least Expensive: Green Astronaut Suit.
  • Most Expensive: White Astronaut Suit.
  • Purchase Location: Ponsonby’s.

What is the most expensive clothes in GTA?

In GTA San Andreas, Didier Sachs is an upscale clothing store which primarily offers suits of various forms that can be purchased and worn by the player. Befitting its upscale status, Didier Sachs’ clothing is the most expensive to purchase, and its only store is located in Rodeo, an upmarket area of Los Santos.

Can you graffiti in gta5?

Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, so graffiti is a big source of the color in its concrete jungle.

Can you spray paint GTA V?

Epic Spray Paint cans can be found inside some interiors in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

What is the most expensive thing in GTA 5 Online?

Buckingham Luxor Deluxe

What are the most expensive pants in GTA?

The Most Expensive Bottoms In GTA Online

  • Chinos: Black Teal. Cost: $300.
  • Jeans: Black Ribbed. Cost: $5,995.
  • Overalls: Blue Faded. Cost: $7,350.
  • Pants: Gold Print. Cost: $50,000.
  • Shorts: Perseus Swim. Cost: $3,375.
  • Utility: Black Heist Pants. Cost: $3,500.

What is the most expensive shirt in GTA Online?

GTA Online – Most Expensive Tops Money Can Buy

  • Baseball Tees: Flower Fractal. Cost: $150.
  • Hoodies: Black Leather. Cost: $13,050.
  • Lounge Wear: Yellow Smoking Jacket. Cost: $10,500.
  • Overcoats: Grey Cashmere. Cost: $21,000.
  • Polo Shirts: Red Mist XI Dark. Cost: $4,040.
  • Racing Jersey: Viper Motocross.
  • Utility: Extreme Strike.

What is the red mist XI dark in GTA?

Red mist is a term for extreme violence, a possible nod to football hooliganism. Red Mist XI are most likely based on the New York Red Bulls, a real life professional soccer team, playing in the MLS.

What is the best clothing store in GTA 5?


Can you buy hats in GTA 5?

Originally Answered: Where can I buy GTA V? You can buy it from Amazon, Steam and many other online retailers. You can also get it from game stores around your locality.

Can you get a fedora in GTA 5?

Nope, all fedoras or cowboy hats are Online exclusive.

How do I take my glasses off in GTA 5?

Just hold select, go to inventory and turn off your glasses.

Where do you buy trevors hats in GTA 5?

the discount store

Where is the discount store in GTA 5 Online?

Discount Store is a clothing store on the corner of Innocence Blvd and Strawberry Ave in Strawberry, Los Santos and in Grapeseed, Blaine County appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

How do you get a smart outfit in GTA 5?

How can players acquire a smart outfit in GTA 5?

  1. Head to Michael’s house.
  2. Go up to the bedroom.
  3. Walk into the closet to change outfits.
  4. Press the right button on the D-Pad (PS4); PC users will have to use right arrow key as their default.
  5. They can then change into a full suit.