What is Greek house company?

What is Greek house company?

About us. Greek House started off by providing customers the easiest way to order customized chapter apparel. However, our purpose goes far beyond just providing you with the best merch on campus. We’re on a mission to unite the Greek Community. Imagine the power of 800,000 connected Greeks nationwide.

Is it illegal to wear Greek letters?

Bearing those letters while not being in that fraternity is kind of a slap to the face to them and previous brothers before them. Women can usually wear letters without any repercussions, mainly because they are either in a sorority or they have good standing with the house.

Is Greek licensing worth it?

Is Greek licensing worth it? Absolutely! You want a bunch of cool stuff printed with the crests, letters, and symbols. It helps the members show pride in their fraternity or sorority!

How much does it cost to be a vendor for Delta Sigma Theta?

To become a Certified Vendor: Become familiar with and agree to abide by Delta’s Operating Guidelines and Code of Conduct for Vendors. Submit the license fee of $2,000.00 of which $250.00 is non-refundable if the application is denied or cancelled prior to approval. NO REFUND is issued after approval.

Can a sorority sue you?

Can You Sue a Sorority or Fraternity for Hazing? Yes, it is absolutely possible to successfully hold a sorority or fraternity as well as the associated educational institution responsible and accountable for hazing through a civil lawsuit. Hazing is against the law in California.

How do I become Greek certified?

Follow 3 easy steps and you are on your way to selling officially licensed products….Get Licensed

  1. Register for our online vendor Gateway.
  2. Submit the online application.
  3. Receive instant notification when you’re approved.

Can you sell sorority stuff?

Anyone that plans to sell Greek themed sorority or fraternity items must be licensed. This includes the use of the organization’s name, Greek letters, crests, badges, and insignias. Sorority or Fraternity members must be licensed if they plan to sell items with trademarks on them.

What is sorority mean?

a club of women

What is affinity Gateway?

Vendors are the greatest beneficiaries of the new Affinity Gateway. The Gateway dramatically reduces the time, cost, and effort required to apply for and comply with the essential requirements of affinity licensing. It has never been easier for fans, students and members to locate and support licensed vendors. …

What is affinity license?

Clients. Affinity is the trusted licensing agency for more than 100 trademark owners in the fraternal, education, and association markets.

What is a sorority girl mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, the top definition stated, “A sorority girl is a female college student belonging to a social sorority. She may or may not live in a sorority house. Sorority girls are typically high maintenance and very uppity.

What is a sorority twin?

Due to the expansion of pledge classes this year, more upperclassmen will be encouraged to mentor two littles, or “twins.” Each sorority chapter organizes their version of “big-little week,” in which incoming members of a sorority receive gifts and tokens from an anonymous upperclassman.

What is GG big?

A g-big, or grand big, is what we call our “big’s big.” So in a typical Greek family, you will have a little, a big, a g-big and sometimes even a g-g-big. It’s uncommon to have a g-g-g-big that still goes to school with you, but don’t worry, they still exist!

What is big little reveal sorority?

Big/Little Reveal!! Basically, every new member is a Little and gets a Big, who is someone a year older than them to show them the ropes and hang with a ton. You also then join a family with a Grandbig (like Eileen).

Do Littles get bigs gifts?

At big/lil revealing, the littles give their bigs a picture frame (preferably one that you decorated yourself). And at initiation, littles give their bigs a paddle.

Do bigs choose their littles sorority?

Once you get to Bid Day, most sororities assign each new member a sister. You vote on which sister you want as a Big. They vote on which new member(s) they want as a Little (or Littles). Then, you go to Big and Little reveal, and you find out who is your Big!

What should I buy for a big little?

Big/Little Basket Gift Idea: College Survival Kit

  • Earplugs for the loud dorms.
  • Useful dorm-cooking items.
  • Gatorade (for those times you’ll take her out on the town)
  • Makeup wipes.
  • Gum.
  • Protein bars.

What should I buy for my little?

93 Gift Ideas for Your Little

  • bulletin board.
  • wine glasses.
  • shot glasses.
  • picture frame.
  • fresh flowers.
  • mason jar filled with goodies.
  • wooden letters.
  • door hanger.

What do you put in sorority little baskets?

Candy, candles, Pens, disposable cups with your letters on them, note pad, car decal, cute school supplies, nail polish, pillows, straws, coloring books, lotion, body spray, stickers, hats, drink sleeves, keychains, and whatever else you can think of. When it comes to baskets, the bigger and more stuff, the better.

How do you do the big little reveal?

Big/Lil reveal idea. Put the number of the room where the big is in a balloon with the little’s name on it. Fill the hallway/room with balloons. Once they find it, they go to that room and find their big!

How do you become a good big sorority?

“In order to be a good big, you should genuinely care about your little and want to be a mentor,” Jillian says. “You have to step up and be a good role model and exhibit positive behavior. You want to be someone who is knowledgeable about your school, your sorority and campus involvement.

Why should I be a big in a sorority?

Being a part of a sorority is something special because you get to experience the true gift of sisterhood, give back to your philanthropy and witness life through a completely different lens. A big is someone older in the sorority who will act as a mentor to her little who is a woman that recently joined the chapter.

What do you look for in a sorority little?

How to Get Your Perfect Little In a Sorority

  • Make Sure Your Favorite Girl Gets a Bid. During recruitment you are getting to know a lot of women, and it can be hard choosing between all of them!
  • Talk to Her Throughout the Bid Day Madness.
  • Invite Her to Grab Lunch.
  • Ask Her New Member Peers for an Inside Scoop.
  • Tell the VP of Membership Education Who You Want.

What sorority should I look for in a big sister?

5 Things You Should Look for in a Potential Big

  • Does she hold the values that your chapter stands for? I know this seems really deep and something that should take time to think about, but I do feel it is very important.
  • Is she great at giving wise advice?
  • Can you trust her?
  • Do you have things in common besides the sorority?
  • Do you like her family line?

How do you bond with your little sorority?

These are just a few of the things that have helped me really connect with my sorority fam….7 Unique Activities For Big/Little Bonding

  1. Make her your carpool buddy!
  2. Family Movie Night.
  3. Study Dates.
  4. Exercise Classes.
  5. Go on a Day Trip.
  6. Mini Gift Baskets.