What information should I put down for references?

What information should I put down for references?

Short answer: Name, job title, company, phone, email, and relationship. Long answer: References are part of your complete package of career documents, so the header (with your own contact information) should match your resume, cover letter, and any follow-up letters you present to the employer.

What does it mean when a potential employer calls your references?

A reference check is when an employer contacts people who can verify a job candidate’s skills, experience, education and work history. Speaking to someone who knows the candidate in a professional capacity can help the employer decide whether the candidate would be a good fit for the role.

How do you conduct a reference check via email?

Create a word document that contains the reference check questions to attach to the email. Leave adequate space for the reference to provide a response. Personalize the questions to include the candidate’s name and any details the reference might need to know to assist them in his/her response.