What happened to Mei Lin in Marco Polo?

What happened to Mei Lin in Marco Polo?

During the ceremony of the White Moon, a desperate Mei Lin sees a little girl in the crowd who reminds her of Ling Ling and then immediately makes an audacious run at the Khan and his family. She almost succeeds in making her target, but she is shot with an arrow by none other than Empress Chabi herself.

How accurate is Netflix Marco Polo?

But according to Mongolian historians, much of the plot plays fast and loose with the facts. Batsukh Otgonsereenen, who spent 10 years researching his book The History of Kublai Khan, told AFP: “From a historical standpoint 20 percent of the film was actual history and 80 percent fiction.”

Did Genghis Khan invent money?

Upon establishing the unified Mongol Empire, Chinggis Khan introduced gold and silver coins called Sukhes and later, in the year of 1227, introduced the world’s first paper money /banknote/ into circulation.

What seems most impressive to Marco Polo?

Through it all, Marco Polo marveled at China’s cultural customs, great wealth and complex social structure. He was impressed with the empire’s paper money, efficient communication system, coal burning, gunpowder and porcelain, and called Xanadu “the greatest palace that ever was.”

What did Marco Polo bring home from China?

It was Marco Polo’s book of his travels that introduced Europeans to China and Central Asia. For example, Marco Polo brought back the idea of paper money and some think his descriptions of coal, eyeglasses and a complex postal system eventually led to their widespread use in Europe.

What were four phenomena that were completely new to Marco Polo?

#5: What were four phenomena that were completely new to Marco Polo? There were 4 things that I saw that I never knew that I would see, which were: asbestos, paper currency, imperial post, and coal.

Why did the Polo family remain in China for 17 years?

How long did the Polos stay In Khans court for? 17 years and with it they recieved great wealth. Because of the wealth they wanted to leave back home fearing that Khan (which was 70 years old) would die and who ever took over wouldn’t let them leave with all the wealth.