What germs are elemental to human Mencius?

What germs are elemental to human Mencius?

In a famous passage defending the claim of the innate goodness of human beings, Mencius claims that the human heart contains the sprouts or germs of the four central Confucian virtues of benevolence (ren), righteousness (yi), propriety (li), and wisdom (zhi).

What’s the opposite of malevolent?

Malevolent comes from the Latin word malevolens, which means “ill-disposed, spiteful”; its opposite is benevolent, which means “wishing good things for others.” A malevolent person might display satisfaction at someone else’s problems. But it’s not only individuals who can be malevolent.

What is another word for malevolent?

What is another word for malevolent?

malicious spiteful
hostile nasty
mean cruel
vindictive evil
bitter rancorous

Which word in the passage is the synonym of cynic?

A passage is another word for an excerpt, and an exercise is another word … synonym.com. Diogenes the Cynic, the central figure, is famous for living in a wine jar (Diogenes Laertius [= DL] VI 23) and going about with a lantern looking for ‘a man’ – i.e., someone not corrupted (DL VI 41). Synonym .

What does maladroit mean in English?

: lacking adroitness : inept The governor has been criticized for his maladroit handling of the budget crisis.

Does maladroit mean awkward?

Maladroit is defined as a person with a lack of skills. An example of a maladroit is a person who cannot perform even very simple tasks. The definition of maladroit is awkward or showing a lack of skills. Marked by a lack of adroitness; inept.

Does maladroit mean embarrassed?

lacking in adroitness; unskillful; awkward; bungling; tactless: to handle a diplomatic crisis in a very maladroit way.

What is a quotidian task?

Quotidian is a fancy way of saying “daily” or “ordinary.” Quotidian events are the everyday details of life. When you talk about the quotidian, you’re talking about the little things in life: everyday events that are normal and not that exciting.