What does Zomg stand for in BTD?

What does Zomg stand for in BTD?

The Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuaness

Where is Zomg from?

ZOMG is a variant of the all-too-popular acronym “OMG”, meaning “Oh My God”. ZOMG originated from the image-board 4chan.org and one of it’s members Zardoz.

What is the Red Moab called?

The Brutal Floating Behemoth

How much HP does a bad have?

Later on, it can appear as a fortified version, first appearing on round 200 (or Round 100 in Alternate Bloons Rounds), that doubles its health for a total of 40,000 HP (98,360 RBE) (Not accounting Freeplay HP increase) and contains 2 fortified ZOMGs and 3 fortified DDTs.

How do you kill a Zomg?

Strategies to defeat the Z.O.M.G. Cheapest Strategy: one 4/2 Bloonchipper, two 0/4 tack shooters. On some maps you may need a 3/2 ice monkey. if you dont like ice monkey you can add another 4/2 bloonchipper.

Is cripple Moab worth it?

Because it can permanently stun and debuff any blimp below BAD regardless of crosspaths, the 5-2-0 Cripple MOAB is a good choice for combating rounds before Round 100, as it can apply those effects to multiple blimps per shot, naturally detect DDTs, and can deal more damage via its improved shrapnel.

Does cripple Moab work on bad?

Cripple MOAB causes X particles to appear on the BAD for the period of time that it is weakened. It does not happen with any other stall or damage boost, or with any other type of bloon. Bug or intentional? It still increases the damage received, just without the stun.

Does cripple Moab work on Zomg?

A single Cripple MOAB can immobilize a Z.O.M.G.

How much health does a Moab have?

The M.O.A.B., standing for Massive Ornary Air Blimp is a high health Bloon and blimp that has 200 health in all editions of BTD, before it splits into 4 Ceramic Bloons.

What is the black Moab?

The Dark Dirigible Titan, also known and abbreviated as the DDT, is a MOAB-Class Bloon introduced in Bloons Monkey City. It also appears in Bloons Monkey City Mobile, and in Bloons Tower Defense 6, alongside their Fortified variant in BTD6.

How powerful is a Moab?

That much explosive power is at least nearly twenty times greater than that of the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (nicknamed the “Mother of All Bombs”), which has a blast yield of about 11 tons and is the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the US arsenal.

How much damage does a Moab Mauler do?

MOAB Mauler (sometimes shortened to simply Mauler) is the Tier 3 upgrade of Path 2 for the Bomb Shooter in Bloons TD 6. It deals +18 damage to MOAB-class bloons and +1 to Ceramic Bloons, but still deals only 1 damage to other types of bloons.

Can Moab Mauler hit DDT?

MOAB Assassin can hit Camo Blacks, Leads, and Zebras in BTD5, plus BFBs, even though it only takes out the outer layer. If this is also true in BMC, then an X/4 Bomb’s ability can hit a DDT.

What does Moab Eliminator do?

MOAB Eliminator functions similarly to MOAB Assassin, but buffs its base damage and activated ability, increasing the ability’s damage to 4500 and reducing its cooldown to 10 seconds instead of 30 seconds, which makes its ability more viable against tougher MOAB-Class Bloons, especially versus ZOMGs and BADs.

Is Moab Mauler good?

As mentioned below, it’s great for grouped MOAB damage, but something interesting that some people forget is its ceram damage bonus. If you’re having trouble dealing with ceram clumps, then MOAB Maulers can help break the ceram layer fairly quickly.

How do you destroy the Moab in btd5?

Freeze Towers, Monkey Beacons, and Glue Gunners help to slow down the Bloons. MOAB Maulers are best to deal with lots of MOABs and BFBs. Hydra and Spectre also work very well.

What is the best btd6 strategy?

Use of the True Sun God is almost a must. Even better, if you have the Monkey Knowledge There Can Only Be One, use the Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey. Make use of Alchemists and Homeland Defense to boost up towers often. Also, be sure to use Bloon Sabotage often for the continuous slowdown of all bloons.

What tower does the most damage to MOABs btd6?

Bomb Tower A bunch of 4/2 and 2/4 Bomb Towers with 2/3 Monkey Villages nearby can deal extreme damage to a pack of MOAB-Class bloons. Placing 10-15 2/3 Bomb Towers with their target set to strong can easily pop the MOAB Layers, and then other towers can clean up the ceramics.

How do you slow down a Moab?


  1. MOAB Glue is the easiest method for specifically slowing down MOAB-class bloons.
  2. MOAB Glue can further slow down MOAB-class bloons with the “Aviation Grade Glue”, slowing them down further to 50%.