What does the name Lyra mean?

What does the name Lyra mean?

Meaning:lyre. Lyra as a girl’s name has Greek origins. The meaning of Lyra is “lyre”.

What is Lyra music?

The Cretan lyra (Greek: Κρητική λύρα) is a Greek pear-shaped, three-stringed bowed musical instrument, central to the traditional music of Crete and other islands in the Dodecanese and the Aegean Archipelago, in Greece.

What are lyre strings made of?

Strings were usually made of sheep gut. The lyre in Ancient Greece was one of the most popular string instruments of its time. Lyres have had a variety of numbers of strings throughout history.

Is a dulcimer a Chordophone?

The hammered dulcimer (also called the hammer dulcimer, dulcimer, or tympanon) is a percussion-stringed instrument which consists of strings typically stretched over a trapezoidal resonant sound board….Hammered dulcimer.

String instrument
Classification Percussion instrument (Chordophone), String instrument

What does dulcimer mean in Latin?

Origin of dulcimer First recorded in 1560–70; alteration of Middle English dowcemere, from Middle French doulcemer, dissimilated variant of doulcemele, from Old Italian dolcimelo, dolzemele, from Latin dulce melos “sweet song”; see dulcet, melic.

What is Dulcimer used for?

This instrument is a mainstay in the music of the Hungarian gypsies and is used as a concert instrument. The cimbalom is equipped with a damper mechanism and has a range of four chromatic octaves. Most other dulcimers are tuned to a diatonic scale with ranges of two to three octaves.

What is psaltery period?

The instrument, probably of Middle Eastern origin in late Classical times, reached Europe in the 12th century as a variety of the trapezoidal Arabic psaltery, or qānūn.

What is psaltery mean in the Bible?

Etymology. The psaltery of Ancient Greece (epigonion) was a harp-like stringed instrument. In the King James Bible “psaltery”, and its plural, “psalteries”, are used to translate several words from the Hebrew Bible whose meaning is now unknown.

What does Rebec mean?

: an ancient bowed usually 3-stringed musical instrument with a pear-shaped body and slender neck.

What is the period of harpsichord?


What instrument is similar to a harpsichord?

Oval spinet

What instrument is most similar to a piano?

  • Accordion. This instrument is held between your hands and consists of bellows, two sets of reeds, akeyboard for the melody and buttons for bass notes and chords.
  • Carillon. A set of bells in a church or bell tower that are played using a keyboard.
  • Celesta.
  • Clavichord.
  • Harmonium.
  • Harpsichord.
  • Organ.
  • Piano.

What is a Flemish virginal?

Flemish virginals by Hans Ruckers, 1583, Antwerp (Paris, Musée de la Musique). The virginals (or virginal) is a keyboard instrument of the harpsichord family. It was popular in Europe during the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods.