What does Baulkham mean?

What does Baulkham mean?

The name Baulkham Hills was given to the area by Andrew McDougall, a settler from Buckholm Hills, County of Roxburgh, Scotland. The name, which reminded McDougall of his homeland, was officially recognised in 1802.

How many houses are there in Baulkham Hills?

The Census usual resident population of Baulkham Hills in 2016 was 34,945, living in 12,062 dwellings with an average household size of 2.98.

How many people go to Baulkham Hills High School?

1180 students

How do I get to Baulkham Hills?

For enrolment into Years 8-12, entry is based solely on merit and no examination is required….Submission of application and fees

  1. Personal Cheque, Money Order or Bank Cheque (made out to Baulkham Hills High School)
  2. EFTPOS – In person ONLY.
  3. No cash will be accepted.

What time does Baulkham Hills high school start?

Bell times

Monday Friday
1 Period 1 – 9:18 am Period 1 – 8:44 am
2 Period 2 – 9:54 am Period 2 – 9:23 am
RECESS 10:30 am 10:01 am
3 10:50 am 10:26 am

What Aboriginal land is Rouse Hill on?

Darug Country

What Aboriginal land is Bella Vista on?

Cumberland Plain

What Aboriginal land is Kellyville on?

The clan living within the Kellyville area were the Bediagal who occupied an area to the northwest of Parramatta, between Parramatta and the Hawkesbury River, possibly around present day Castle Hill (Attenbrow 2002:24). Bedi was the name of the land with the suffix “gal” or “galleon” denoting a man or woman.

What Aboriginal land Am I on Penrith?

The original inhabitants of the Penrith area are the Darug Nation. Those who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people represented 3.1% of the Penrith area population at 5,388 in 2011.

What Aboriginal land is Liverpool NSW?

Darug Nation