What do we call fora in English?

What do we call fora in English?

ulcer countable noun. An ulcer is a sore area on or inside a part of your body which is very painful and may bleed. /phoda, phodA, phodaa, phodā, phoDa, phoDA, phoDaa, phoDā, phoḍa, phoḍA, phoḍaa, phoḍā/

Is fora in the English dictionary?

Meaning of fora in English. fora. plural of forum.

What is the meaning of fester?

intransitive verb. 1 : to generate pus The wound became inflamed and festered. 2 : putrefy, rot festering carrion. 3a : to cause increasing poisoning, irritation, or bitterness : rankle dissent festered unchecked His resentment festered for years.

Can a person fester?

If you say that a situation, problem, or feeling is festering, you disapprove of the fact that it is being allowed to grow more unpleasant or full of anger, because it is not being properly recognized or dealt with. Resentments are starting to fester. If a wound festers, it becomes infected, making it worse.

What causes fester?

Infections cause cuts, broken bones, and diseases to fester. Dead bodies can fester too — as they decompose. Things that fester have a decaying odor, and bad feelings can have a decaying effect on friendships and the heart. Letting bitter emotions fester often leads to their getting worse.

What is another word for fester?

Fester Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for fester?

decay rot
decompose putrefy
spoil perish
corrupt disintegrate
molderUS mouldUK

What’s the opposite of fester?

Opposite of to rot or cause to rot. ascend. brighten. build.

What is the opposite of decay?

decay(v) Antonyms: rise, grow, increase, flourish, luxuriate, vegetate, expand, enlarge. Synonyms: decline, wane, sink, dwindle, rot, wither, perish, waste, ebb, decrease.

What is the word for constant decay?

perish. [chiefly British], putrefy, rot, spoil.

What is the symbol for decay?


What word means not decayed?

Adjective. Not prone to decay or disintegration. incorruptible. imperishable. durable.

How do you describe decay?

1 : to break down or cause to break down slowly by natural processes Fruit decayed on the ground. Sugar decays teeth. 2 : to slowly worsen in condition The old theater decayed.

What is an example of decay?

An example of decay is when a neighborhood starts to become crime-ridden. To break down into component parts; rot. Decay is defined as rotted matter or the state of rotting, deteriorating or declining. An example of decay is what has happened to an old abandoned building.

Why are some items not decayed?

Why have some of the items not decayed? The items in the bag that were non-living could not be decayed by the microbes. Those were the items still in the bag. The child should carefully record observations of selected items in a data table before burying them.

What is decay and non decay?

Decay Series: Radioactive Parent Radioactive Daughter. BIODEGRADABLE MATERIALS are materials which decay such as leaves,paper and twigs NON-BIODEGRADABLE are materials or substances that do not undergo decay such as plastic and metal.