What do the Maasai speak?

What do the Maasai speak?

Most Maasai also speak Swahili, the lingua franca of East Africa.

What is Maasai marriage?

Marriage in Maasai culture is one of our most important traditional activities. A man has to be married as soon as he undergoes the circumcision ceremony. A Maasai murran does not see his bride before the marriage, and in most cases they have never met before the ceremony.

What is Maasai female circumcision?

The type of circumcision that the Maasai perform is called clitoridectomy, in which the entire clitoris or part of the clitoris, and at times the adjacent labia, is removed. The primary reason female circumcision is practiced among the Maasai is that it is considered a rite of passage.

What are Maasai houses?

In the traditional nomadic lifestyle of the Maasai, houses are built that are semi-permanent and cannot withstand the harsh weather conditions. The materials used (grass, twigs, cow dung, anthill soil) degrade very quickly and it is usually the women and children who carry out the constantly needed repairs.

What do the Maasai eat?

The traditional Maasai diet consists of six basic foods: milk, meat, fat, blood, honey, and tree bark. Both fresh and curdled milk are drunk. Fresh milk is drunk in a calabash (gourd) and is sometimes mixed with fresh cattle blood. Blood is also boiled and used in cooking or drinks, accompanied with ugali (monono).

What are Maasai houses like?

A traditional boma consists of a variety of “houses” which are in essence small huts made of mud and cow dung. Each of our huts has traditional Maasai stick beds, however with a blow up mattress and a mosquito net, it is one of the comfiest ways of surviving in the bush.

What is the Maasai tribe’s Favourite Colour?

The Maasai have a rich culture and are instantly recognisable from their traditional dress. Both men and women wear the long cloth wrap known as the shuka which covers one shoulder, red being the favourite colour.

How do you wash Maasai blankets?

Made from soft, durable and warm acrylic. Machine wash but don’t tumble dry.

Where is Masai made?