What could Brutus have done to give a more effective speech?

What could Brutus have done to give a more effective speech?

He wanted to use a more logical approach rather than an emotional approach which is where he messed up. Brutus wanted a peaceful speech so he didn’t provoke the audience like Antony did.

Which speech made a stronger use of the appeal to emotion?

When Antony walked in carrying Caesar’s body, he then delivered his speech. Antony’s speech had a much stronger use of appeal to emotion.

What are the major differences in Brutus and Antony’s speeches write two paragraphs that describe their use of persuasive appeals comparing and contrasting their speeches provide specific examples from the text to support your point Use proper spelling and grammar?

The basic difference between the funeral speeches of Brutus and Antony is that Brutus, characteristically, appeals to reason and logic, while Antony, characteristically, appeals to emotions. Brutus is an introverted, solitary philosopher, and his speech to the citizens is totally in character.

What is the difference between the speeches made by Brutus and Mark Antony who according to you was a better orator Why?

Antony’s speech at Caesar’s funeral in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar was more effective than Brutus’ because Antony used a multifaceted emotional argument, instead of relying on one assertion, as Brutus had. Because of this, Antony was able to sway the crowd to his side, against Brutus and the Conspirators.

How does Brutus use rhetorical devices?

Another example of a rhetorical question in Brutus’s speech is when Brutus says “Who is here so vile that will not love his country?” In that last quote notice he started with “Who is here” He say that many times in the speech which is repetition for impact, he uses this to persuade the crowd.

What does Brutus say to Portia?

Leave me with haste. It appears that he kept his promise soon after the close of the scene, since in Act II, Scene 4, Portia is in a passion of apprehension about something that will happen between Brutus and Caesar when the two meet, something that she must keep secret: O constancy, be strong upon my side!