What are Ptah powers?

What are Ptah powers?

Ptah, also spelled Phthah, in Egyptian religion, creator-god and maker of things, a patron of craftsmen, especially sculptors; his high priest was called “chief controller of craftsmen.” The Greeks identified Ptah with Hephaestus (Vulcan), the divine blacksmith.

Who is Sekhmet Egyptian god?

Sekhmet, also spelled Sakhmet, in Egyptian religion, a goddess of war and the destroyer of the enemies of the sun god Re. Sekhmet was associated both with disease and with healing and medicine.

Is seshat good puzzles and empires?

Domitia cries as the well rounded Seshat improves squarely upon her role. Passively resists mana reduction. Conjuration Arrow: Deals 400% damage to the target….Special:

Speed Tiles
avg 10
fast 8
v fast 6.5

Who is the best tank in empires and puzzles?

Top 5 Tank Heroes In Game

  • Guinevere. Yellow, special wich reduce purple damage, heal and reduce attacker’s mana.
  • Ares. Treathening special who can have nasty effects on attacking teams, good defense, high hp.
  • Horghall. Huge pile of hp and good AoE special, works better with %hp healers.
  • Alberich.
  • Azlar.

Is Atlantis summon worth it?

It’s worth it, the best heroes and ex-HOTM are available during Atlantis summon. If you haven’t already, start clearing season 2. You don’t need to finish season 1 first. 3 Atlantis tokens for each level you clear.

Is Obakan any good?

Obakan is fast and does splash damage. He also has really good tile strength for titans. If you have no other options right now and you have pulled him, he is a hero that you’ll use throughout your time in the game.

How do you summon Atlantis?

You may purchase an Atlantis Summon for 350 gems, or using 100 Atlantis Coins, which are earned through completion of Season 2 stages (and Atlantis Rising Rare Enemies). A 10-pull costs 3000 gems. This summon is available during the first Thursday of the month until the following Saturday.

How often is Atlantis summon?

The summons becomes available on the first Friday of the month and continues for 60 hours with the chance of awarding Season 2 heroes that are each generally considered superior to the Season 1 heroes available through the Training Camp. The Atlantis Summon generally costs 350 gems per pull, or 3000 gems for a 10-pull.

How do you farm coins in Atlantis?

Farming during Atlantis Rises During each stage, there is a chance for an Orichalcum Seadragon to spawn. Killing these seadragons and completing the stage will give you 2,5 or 10 Atlantis Coins per seadragon.

How much is an Atlantis coin worth?

ATIS Price Statistics

Atlantis Token Price $0.04628
Price Change24h $-0.002276 4.69%
24h Low / 24h High $0.04497 / $0.0489
Trading Volume24h No Data
Volume / Market Cap No Data

When can I use Atlantis coins?

You should also consider the fact that Atlantis coins can be used only 100 at a time, and ONLY when the Atlantis summon portal is available at the summon gate. That’s about once a month, during Atlantis Rises.

What is the best level to farm in empires and puzzles?

Best Level To Farm Food 16-1 (660 Food per Energy) 15-2 (624 Food per Energy) 8-4 (567 Food per Energy) 7-5 (505 Food per Energy)

Where can I farm food in empires and puzzles?

Besides Raids, season 1, stage 9 – 1 (first battle) gives you 1800 food and some change for 3 energy. This is the best place to farm that I discovered so far. For food, the best place is apparently Season 2 15-8 Hard with an average of 787.87 ham/flag.