Was Cleopatra a vampire?

Was Cleopatra a vampire?

A messenger delivers word to Queen Cleopatra that her beloved husband, Antony, has died at his own hand. Desperate to save her kingdom, Cleopatra strikes a mortal bargain in exchange for Antony’s soul, transforming her into an immortal—a vampire with superhuman strength and an insatiable hunger for blood.

Who was the first Tribrid?

Elizabeth is called a “tribrid” instead of a “hybrid”. Both Jake and his daughter Elizabeth, are the first of their kind to exist.

What happens if hope becomes a vampire?

She has to die to activate her vampiric side. Hope is considered a tribrid, because she is a witch, untriggered werewolf, and has vampire blood. The best scenario is that she becomes immortality as vampires, has the speed and strength as werewolves and has the power to do magic, and she does not have to feed on blood.

Can a Siphoner be a Tribrid?

If a Siphoner-Werewolf hybrid takes Hope’s blood and transitions, then yes they’d be a Tribrid. A Siphoner-Werewolf-Vampire Tribrid. As soon as the child triggers their curse they will be a Werewolf-Witch Hybrid, siphoning from their own werewolf side.

How powerful is a Tribrid?

Their strength is also more powerful than that of ancient vampires that are not considered Old Ones. Their strength allows them to jump higher and further than any natural creature. Tribrids who feed on humans are stronger than those who consume the vital fluid of another source.

Is there another Tribrid?

Mortal Tribrids are a rare and powerful creature that is created by the combination of Witch, Werewolf, and Vampire bloodlines. They are alive but have unique vampiric traits. There are currently only 2 known in existance.

Does Caroline kill Tom?

Caroline snapped Enzo’s neck in order to prevent him from killing Tom and then took Tom to a diner, where she compelled him to tell her about his life. However, before he could leave, Enzo caught up to them and snapped Tom’s neck, killing him.